180 days in prison for a man who spiked his wife’s beverages to induce an abortion

Texas: According to the Harris County district clerk’s office, a Texas man who attempted to force an abortion by drugging his wife’s beverages was given a 180-day prison term and ten years of probation on Wednesday.

As part of a plea deal, the guy, Mason Herring, 39, of Houston, entered a guilty plea to charges of assaulting a pregnant woman and causing damage to a child. Herring had been charged with assault with intent to cause abortion, which was a more severe offense.
According to court documents, Herring was ordered by Harris County District Court Judge Andrea Ball to start serving his sentence on March 1.
In a Thursday interview, Catherine Herring, Herring’s wife, expressed her opinion that the punishment was not harsh enough.
“This was a wicked act of deception,” she added, characterizing her husband’s conduct as “a flagrant and profound injustice.”
Catherine Herring said that beginning in March 2022, her husband had given her beverages containing an unidentified chemical seven times. According to the criminal complaint, she discovered packaging labeled “Cyrux,” a brand of abortion pill marketed in Mexico, in the garbage the next month. Misoprostol, the primary component of Cyrux, is an abortion drug in some nations.
An inquiry for comment on Thursday was not immediately answered by Mason Herring’s attorney.
Catherine Herring said that in spite of her husband’s efforts, she gave birth to a child who was delivered 10 weeks early and required 117 days in the hospital over the course of her first nine months of life. According to Catherine Herring, their 18-month-old daughter has developmental problems that have necessitated therapy sessions.
Herring said that she “absolutely” thought her daughter’s early delivery was caused by her husband’s conduct.
The lawsuit states that during the five days the couple went on vacation in West Texas in March 2022 with their two kids, Herring’s husband advised her to drink more water to remain hydrated.
Herring said that on March 17, upon their return to Houston from their vacation, her husband had given her a cup of water and breakfast, as per the complaint.
Herring said that at that point, her spouse had requested a divorce and they were no longer cohabiting. Still, she added, he would usually show up in the mornings with food.
“It felt really weird because he was simultaneously asking for a separation,” Herring said. “I was already thinking, ‘Why are you here?'”
According to the lawsuit, on March 17, Mason Herring informed his wife once again that she needed to drink more water and that he would stay with her until she had consumed the whole contents of the cup.
Catherine Herring noticed that the water seemed murky when she was sipping it, as per the complaint.
Catherine Herring said, “I stopped when I felt like he was acting weird.” “He said to me, ‘Chug it.'” “Drink it all.”
According to the paper, Mason Herring informed her that “perhaps the cup was dirty or the pipes were dirty.”
According to the complaint, Catherine Herring started to feel sick around half an hour after drinking the water. She had severe cramps, episodes of diarrhea, and bleeding. Herring returned to the ER later that day, where the complaint said she was still bleeding.
When Herring returned home the next day, she said that her husband had given her another beverage in an orange sports bottle, but she had refrained from drinking it because she had seen something in the bottle that she did not recognize. Herring said that throughout the course of the next six weeks, there were many further instances in which her spouse gave her a drink that contained an unidentified chemical.
Herring said that she discovered her husband had taken out the garbage a few weeks later, on April 24, which was “out of character” for him since “he does not do chores around the house,” according to the complaint. The lawsuit states that Herring discovered Cyrux packaging when she walked outside to see what was in the garbage.
“That was a huge relief to finally find out what it was,” Herring said.
In May 2022, Catherine Herring filed for divorce, according to court documents in Harris County.

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