21 Israeli troops are killed in Gaza as domestic criticism of how the battle is being handled grows

As criticism mounts over the government’s conduct of the three-month-old battle against Hamas, the Israeli army reported on Tuesday that 21 soldiers had died in the Gaza Strip in the bloodiest assault on its forces since the conflict’s start.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, has pledged to keep going until Israel destroys the terrorist Hamas organization that rules the region and frees the more than 100 captives who are being held prisoner in Gaza. Regarding the issue of whether either is feasible, Israelis are becoming more and more split. Family members of the captives interrupted a committee meeting in the Israeli parliament on Monday, shouting, “You won’t sit here while they are dying there!”

Thousands of Palestinians were forced to evacuate even further south on Monday as a result of Israel’s onslaught in the Gaza Strip, which devastated the city of Khan Younis. Approximately 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been displaced by the conflict, and the UN estimates that one in four of them are malnourished.

Over 25,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in the conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. The conflict started on October 7 when terrorists from Gaza struck southern Israel, killing nearly 1,200 people and kidnapping about 250 more.


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