656 feet mysterious pit made in Chile is now increasing, scientists are shocked, and panic among people

656 feet mysterious pit made in Chile is now increasing, scientists are shocked, and panic among people

Mysterious and shocking news has come out from Chile. A giant crater suddenly formed on Saturday in the commune of Tierra Amarilla in the Atacama region. Seeing this, people are shocked and upset. Geologists estimate that the length of this crater is 656 feet and the width is 82 feet. The most disturbing thing is that the size of this pit is increasing continuously. At the same time, this mysterious incident has increased the curiosity of geologists around the world. The Chilean government has started its investigation.

The area in which this crater is made is about 650 km from the capital of Chile. This is a mine area. In this mysterious incident, the National Service of Geology and Mining says that where there is a crater, there is a huge amount of water. Experts are engaged in the investigation. However, it is a matter of relief that no one has been harmed by this pit. However, as a precaution, the administration has evacuated the area.

David Montenegro, director of the 'National Service of Geology and mining, said in a statement that after receiving the information, a team of experts has been sent to the area. He told that although no material has been found inside the pit in the investigation, water is present in full quantity. There is currently no concrete information about how the pit was made, but people are seeing it only by connecting it to the mine work. Local officials said that this pit is still growing. By the way, the nearest house was at a distance of 600 meters from where this crater was made, in which no damage has been confirmed at the moment.

However, the government is examining the structure of the pit. The Alcaparosa mine is operated by the Canadian firm Lundin Mining, where the mysterious crater formed. Security has also been beefed up around the hole in Tierra Amarilla municipality. The company said in a statement that no employees or equipment or infrastructure were harmed in the crater incident.

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