A 25-year-old British Indian physician’s rock group starts a UK tour

A 25-year-old British Indian physician, whose love of music led him to form a band with some of his medical peers, has started his first UK tour, with the London premiere event selling out.

When Gulzar (Gulz) Singh Dhanoya was a medical student in university, he founded the indie-rock group Gulz. The singer-songwriter had the guts to release a few of his songs on SoundCloud, an audio streaming platform, during the Covid epidemic. His solo endeavor quickly gained traction and an ever-growing following. With his four colleagues, the main singer and lyricist is now practicing for their upcoming live performance in Birmingham on March 16.

The way it normally goes is that I go off and come up with a really basic musical concept at the time. Subsequently, we enter a studio practice space where we collectively consider our parts and repeatedly perform them. It’s a fantastic approach to counterbalance our imaginative thinking, according to Gulz.

Two of his bandmates are National Health Service (NHS) physicians, much like him, but the other two work in other sectors, which he believes adds some flexibility to juggling late-night hospital duties. Occasionally, he acknowledges, he wonders how they can all dedicate themselves to their music while working demanding full-time jobs.

It’s an enormous dedication. Of course, a workday consists of lengthy hours, on top of which are performances, rehearsals, and social media activities. It functions similarly to a second job, but one with lower income than a “regular” employment. We adore it, even if it’s so corny,” he said.

Gulz was raised around music from a very early age. She was born in Newcastle to a mother from Southall, west London, and a father who was born in India as a Punjabi. His musical inspirations ranged widely, from Stevie Wonder to Mohammed Rafi, which fits well with the poetic and melodic songs he is now writing.

“I attempted to keep the tone of the music I appreciate in some of the pieces I started by composing. He said, “I just try to weave certain themes of my life at the time—be it relationships and breakups or just having fun—into the stuff that I’m writing.”

Gulz, who is now working as a junior doctor in the National Health Service (NHS) and is stationed in Brighton, is finishing up his second foundation year. Later this year, he intends to take a break and devote all of his attention to music. When asked about the NHS junior doctors’ continuing strikes for improved pay and working conditions, Dr. Dhanoya said that the band was entirely in favor of their medical colleagues’ industrial action.

Junior physicians don’t want to go on strike, therefore we always hope that this will be the final round of strikes. However, regrettably, there isn’t another means to contact the government. Right now, the wages and working conditions are just unacceptable. The working conditions and compensation do not at all represent the enormous responsibility that physicians bear—literally, people’s lives are at risk—he added, emphasizing that, in reality, all his colleagues are fighting for is an additional GBP 5 per hour.

The band is scheduled to play at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on the last day of the month, and they are juggling their job hours with rehearsals. After that, they will go to Newcastle, his hometown, and Manchester. Beyond that, Gulz is available for bookings and when asked whether a tour of India would be next, the musician-doctor seemed really enthusiastic about the idea of performing at an event in the nation he has only been to thus far with family in order to spend time with relatives in Punjab.

“Although it may seem dramatic, I’m out of contract in August, which means I have a lot more freedom with my time and work schedule. Therefore, if any promoters out there would want to get in touch, I would love to go to India and play,” he said.

Tickets for the band, known as the doctors/rockers, are selling out quickly on their social media, and they have sold-out performances in the UK to look forward to.

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