A Miss England finalist says, “I love the freedom” after giving up her modeling career to become a truck driver

A contestant for Miss England gave up modeling to pursue her desired profession as a truck driver. After growing up operating tractors on the family farm, former Miss Lincolnshire Milly Everatt reportedly desired to operate trucks.

In order to get the Class 1 and Class 2 HGV licenses required to operate lorries weighing up to 44 tons in the UK, the 23-year-old gave up her glamourous profession. After learning about the nation’s driving shortage at COVID, she submitted an application for the licenses last year.
“I don’t feel I have anything to prove as a woman in a male-dominated industry as far as my capability,” she said to the Daily Star.

“However, if I can be continued proof that this is an industry women are welcome in and can succeed in then I’m happy to be an example to others thinking about getting into the cab,” she said.

Ms. Everatt wants to inspire other females to pursue careers in this field. She is one of the two percent of women in the nation that drive HGC vehicles.

Trainer Mark Curtis said that Ms. Everatt had shown “a lot of potential” in an interview with the BBC last year.

In 2017, she began participating in professional beauty pageants, and in 2018, she won the title of Miss Lincolnshire. In the UK’s largest beauty pageant, Miss England, she came in sixth place.

Ms. Everatt admitted to taking some jabs after switching to a professional role. Her lack of experience in “proper work” was noted by others.

Many people assume that I don’t work hard since it’s my dad’s company. If anything, however, you sometimes have to put forth a little more effort to avoid it. However, I adore working for my dad; my sisters and I do the same,” she said to the BBC.

“I love having the freedom that comes with driving, as it takes me all around the country, and the wages are great too,” said Ms Everatt.

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