Alert! Asteroid NASA reports that three spacecraft will fly past Earth today

February of 2024 saw more asteroid approaches than the first month of 2024 did. Astronomers estimate a new Near-Earth Asteroid’s (NEA) observable location in the sky when it is discovered and tracked by NASA’s telescopes. The Minor Planet Center receives the measurements and observations. NASA states that the most likely orbit of the asteroid around the Sun is then determined by the Center for Near-Earth Objects Studies (CNEOS) using the provided data.

Three asteroids that are expected to pass Earth today, February 19, are revealed by NASA’s use of cutting-edge technology.

NASA CNEOS has designated asteroid 2024 CV8 as the first asteroid that is expected to approach Earth today. It is projected to pass through in 451,000 kilometers and travels at an incredible 61,607 kmph, comparable to a space shuttle.

Part of the Apollo group, asteroid 2024 CV8 is almost as big as a house, measuring about 64 feet broad. These Near-Earth Asteroids honor the massive Apollo asteroid found by Karl Reinmuth in 1862, with semi-major axes exceeding Earth’s.

The next asteroid is designated as Asteroid 2024 CJ6, and it is traveling toward Earth at a speed of 55,435 kilometers per hour. According to NASA, it will pass through today, skimming a distance of around 1.7 million kilometers from Earth.

The asteroid 2024 DC is the last one scheduled to pass near Earth today. It will approach the earth at a distance of 4.7 million kilometers. This asteroid, which is now traveling at 33,306 kilometers per hour around the Sun, is the biggest of them all, with a width of around 52 feet. It is classified alongside the asteroids in the Apollo group.

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