At Karachi’s Guru Mandir, two brothers were murdered and two wounded by unknown gunmen who targeted a vehicle

Karachi: Police informed Geo News that unidentified gunmen opened fire on a vehicle near Guru Mandir in Karachi on Thursday morning, killing at least two brothers and injuring another two.

Aleena Rajpar, the superintendent of police, said that it seems like six individuals on three motorbikes targeted the automobile in an act of target killing.

The police said that the car’s passengers were all brothers who were traveling to the municipal court for a hearing.

“Efforts are being made to find out the motive behind the incident,” according to the police.

The SP said that 18 shell casings were found at the scene of the event and that a 9mm handgun was used in the fire.

According to the authorities, the car’s passengers were taken to a private hospital where, while receiving treatment, two of them passed away, the other two had serious injuries, and one is in critical condition. However, one brother, according to the police officer, somehow escaped the assault.

In addition to stating that they had gathered evidence from the murder site, the police said that animosity was the reason for the gun assault.

Earlier, during a news conference, Jamshed Quarters SP Rajpar said that the police were attempting to get hold of the crime scene’s CCTV footage.

She told the reporters that Wajid and Zubair were among the wounded, while Sajid and Omair Aurangzeb were the brothers slain in the gun assault.

Gov. Tessori requests an analysis
A spokesman for the Governor House stated that Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has requested a report on the event from the head of the city’s police department.

The governor issued orders stating that “those involved in the firing should be immediately arrested” and that “such an incident in the middle of the city is very alarming.”

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