Biden visits Canada with a focus on immigration, trade, and defense

Biden visits Canada with a focus on immigration, trade, and defense

To meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US Vice President Joseph Biden landed in Canada on Thursday.

The Ukrainian conflict, trade, immigration, Canada's military expenditures, and a more aggressive China will be the topics of discussion.

The White House National Security Council's spokesman, John Kirby, stated: "This visit is about taking stock of what we've accomplished, where we are, and what we need to emphasize moving forward."

A new migration agreement

The focus of the discussions will be Roxham Road, a rural road in Quebec used by asylum seekers to enter Canada.

Once former US President Donald Trump started to tighten down on illegal immigration in 2017, Canada saw a massive influx of asylum applicants.

Over 40,000 asylum seekers were detained by Canadian police in 2022, with Roxham Road serving as the primary route for the great bulk of them.

The Safe Third Country Agreement normally governs border crossings along Canada's and the US's longest international border (STCA).

The STCA permits the two nations to deny access to asylum applicants at recognized ports of entry.

A new agreement between the two nations aims to update the STCA to encompass the whole common border's length, including unauthorised crossings.

On Friday, Biden and Trudeau will finalize the agreement's terms.

concentrate on the cost of defense

After the February crossing of North America by a Chinese spy balloon, national security and air defense will also be given top priority.

Canada has agreed to an expedited timeframe for greater spending on military improvements for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) cooperation and plans to replace its radar system.

NORAD keeps an eye on the horizon above the continent.

Longtime NATO members have pushed for Canada to boost its military expenditure to the agreed-upon level of 2% of its GDP.

At the moment, Ottawa spends 1.2% of GDP on defense.

The United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan have all upped their military spending in response to the dangers presented by Beijing and Moscow.

The US anticipates that its northern neighbor will contribute.

The development of a friendship

Trade between the US and Canada is expected to reach a record high of $950 billion (€877 billion) in 2022.

Canada and the US want to talk about lowering their reliance on Chinese commodities as they bolster their alliance in support of Ukraine.

On Friday, Biden will address the parliament, and in the evening, Trudeau will entertain him for a state supper.

Biden is making his first trip to Canada since taking office.

Trudeau did, however, host a state banquet for Biden in 2016 when he was vice president.