“Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry,” a drama from Georgia, receives the Sarajevo Film Festival’s Best Film Award

The affecting Georgian drama “Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry” by Elene Naveriani was named Best Film as the 2023 Sarajevo International Film Festival came to an end on Friday. €16,000 in cash is part of the prize. This gripping movie follows the adventures of a strong-willed lady in her forties who has an adulterous romance that causes a deep philosophical awakening. Ekaterine Chavleishvili, the radiant star of “Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry,” received the renowned Best Actress award at the 29th Sarajevo Festival Awards Ceremony in addition to the Best Film accolade.

There were eleven films in the main category, and Mia Wasikowska’s jury, which included Josh Siegel, the head of MoMA Film, Zlatko Buri, Danica Uri, and Juraj Leroti, generously acknowledged a wide range of ability.

Ukrainian director Philip Sotnychenko received the coveted Best Director trophy for his work on “La Palisiada.” This suspenseful crime thriller follows two longtime friends, a police investigator, and a forensic psychiatrist as they piece together the convoluted investigation of a colleague’s murder in 1996, just months before Ukraine signed the European Convention on Human Rights. The setting is western Ukraine.

The festival also bravely addressed the urgent problem of violence against women by launching a public debate on how this horrific subject is depicted in art and the media. After a tragic triple-murder suicide in the village of Gradacac, Bosnia and Herzegovina observed a day of national mourning. This conversation took place on that day. The Sarajevo festival changed its normal program to accommodate this crucial conversation.The coveted Best Short Film prize was given to Flóra Anna Buda’s “27,” opening the door for Oscar nomination. A 27-year-old lady who still lives with her parents but longs to escape her mundane life is the subject of this animated masterpiece.


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