Canada’s opposition leader ejects Trudeau from Parliament after labelling him a “wacko PM”

Ottawa: The leader of the Canadian opposition, Pierre Poilievre, was removed from the House of Commons on Tuesday for calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “wacko” in the latest exchange between the two leaders before the general election that will take place in 2019. This is an uncommon incident. In the polls leading up to the election, Trudeau’s Liberal Party is trailing well behind the opposition right-of-center Conservatives.

Poilievre’s criticism of what he saw as Trudeau’s unwillingness to take tough measures against drug overdoses sparked the incident. “Since the NDP asked him to change his and their formal radical policy, 22 British Columbians have overdosed and died.” However, he still permits such medications to murder people on our public transportation systems and in our hospitals. “When will we stop this crazy policy implemented by this crazy prime minister?” he said.

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Conservative lawmakers praised Poilievre’s comments, but Liberal House Speaker Greg Fergus warned the opposition leader that the statement was inappropriate and unparliamentary, and he was repeatedly urged to take it down. Each time, Poilievre rejected it, stating that he would instead use the terms extreme or extremist.

“I have to call you out, Poulievre, for disobeying the chair’s authority. When Poilievre refused to take back his ‘wacko’ statement about Trudeau, Fergus said, “I order you to withdraw from the House or from any participation by judicial process for the remainder of this day’s sitting, in accordance with the authority granted to me by Standing Order 11.”

Watch the Poilievre statement on video.

After leaving the chamber with his lawmakers, Poilievre continued to criticize Trudeau’s drug policy. In a social media post, he added, “This is a wacko policy from a wacko PM that’s destroying lives.”

The head of government business in the House, Liberal lawmaker Steven MacKinnon, told reporters the episode had been a shame and a disregard for institutions. Fergus ejected Conservative MP Rachel Thomas from the House of Commons after she acted in a disrespectful way.

“Mr. Speaker, the leader across from us is exemplifying what dishonorable and cowardly leadership looks like. After Poilievre was removed from the House, Trudeau said, “He shakes hands with white nationalists to actively court the support of those members and has the nerve.”

Poilievre v. Trudeau
Poilievre and Trudeau don’t get along well; Trudeau regards Poilievre as an extreme who backs former US President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again initiative. In a Tuesday interview with reporters, Trudeau accused Poilievre of associating with far-right organizations.

“That’s not a responsible way to lead. That’s risky for Canadians and for democracy,” he said. Ejections from the House do not occur often, nevertheless. When was the last time a leader of the official opposition was thrown out? The speaker’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Public opinion polls suggest the Conservatives will easily defeat the center-left Liberals, who have ruled since November 2015, in the next election, which must take place by late October 2025.

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