Canadian-Indians and journalists are attacked by the Khalistanis, forcing them to postpone an event in Surrey; three people are hurt

Canadian-Indians and journalists are attacked by the Khalistanis, forcing them to postpone an event in Surrey; three people are hurt

On March 19, a 300-person mob organized by Khalistani separatists assaulted members of the Canadian Indian community, causing at least three injuries, and interrupting a diaspora gathering in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Friends of India and Canada Foundation's Maninder Gill organized a reception for Sanjay Verma, the Indian High Commissioner to Ottawa, and other High Commission employees.

They were compelled to postpone the ceremony because of the mob violence and concern for the safety of diplomats.

The crowd stormed the area brandishing swords and yelling insults towards India. They also assaulted three people who were of Indian descent.

Surtej Gill, a member of the Canadian-Indian diapora, reportedly suffered rib injuries while being thrashed by Khalistani separatists in front of the police, according to Maninder Gill.

Officers from Surrey's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were on the site, but they did nothing to stop the crowd.

Maninder Gill was compelled to cancel the event by the RCMP officers rather than take action against the crowd.

"British Columbia is in a worse state than Afghanistan. Attacks carried out by the Khalistani mob were ignored by the police. They watched as Indians were thrashed in front of them, but nothing was done. According to Maninder Gill of CNN-News18, "The police were aware that Khalistani rioters would protest over the arrest of Amritpal Singh in Punjab.

"Numerous additional persons also suffered injuries. While the police had previously promised to provide protection and allow us to conduct the event, they ultimately forced us to cancel it. They would have assaulted any High Commission employee from India, according to Gill.

According to him, the demonstrations lasted for more than five hours before ending about nine o'clock.

Sanjay Verma was advised not to arrive at the place by Gill and the other organizers since it was not safe for him.

Moreover, he said that should they arrive at the scene, the so-called demonstrators intended to harm Indian officials there, including Sanjay Verma.

The Canadian government and the police system, according to Gill, are tacitly supporting Khalistani elements in Canada. She also alleged that police officials did not record their remarks.

After the arrest of Khalistani separatist leader Amritpal Singh, internet threats to disrupt meetings and activities that Indian diplomats are slated to attend have been made by Khalistani forces in Canada.

Khalistani elements have urged their followers to attend the demonstrations in masks and without their IDs or smartphones.

The Ontario Gurdwara Committee also organized a public meeting at a Sikh spiritual center in Brampton, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

People with knowledge of the incidents told CNN-News18 that they may be a component of a larger scheme hatched by the Khalistani group Sikhs For Justice, which has sponsored referendums in Australia and Canada and is also suspected of being responsible for the vandalism of Australian temples, the Indian High Commission in London, and the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, USA.


Separatists from Khalistan also assaulted Sameer Kaushal, a Canadian-Indian journalist and owner of RadioAM 600. Kaushal posted a video on Twitter and detailed his experience in a series of posts.

In the footage posted on Twitter, Kaushal is seen being dragged away as the Khalistani crowd abuses and threatens him.

"I was covering the visit of the Indian High Commissioner to Ottawa when a pro-Khalistan group handled the Canadian media in this manner in Surrey, British Columbia. Find out what offensive and humiliating terms your Punjabi-speaking friends or coworkers are using here, Kaushal advised.

Kaushal said, as did Maninder Gill, that the Surrey RCMP were only onlookers while the crowd wrecked devastation on the event location and compelled the organizers to cancel it.

In the center of Surrey, they assaulted me and yelled at me in a public space. Despite the demonstration growing violent, shockingly, the Surrey RCMP did nothing to intervene, Kaushal tweeted, adding that the officers ordered him to leave for his own protection.