China has 1500 nuclear weapons by 2035, Defense Minister Austin said – America will compete

China has 1500 nuclear weapons by 2035, Defense Minister Austin said – America will compete

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Saturday that China is the only country that has the will and the power to rapidly shape it. Along with this, it also has its own international system. Lloyd Austin said but we will not let this happen. Let us tell you that recently he released a China Security Report, which warned that Beijing is likely to have 1,500 nuclear weapons by 2035. However, there is no clarity on how China would like to use them.

In fact, Austin's speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum went on for a week, focusing entirely on the rise of China and what it could mean for America's position in the world. Meanwhile, Austin said the Pentagon is also concerned about Russia and is committed to arming Ukraine while avoiding escalating that conflict into a US war with Moscow. He said that we will not be dragged into Putin's war.

competition with china
On China, he said that in the next few years, our competition with China will shape the future of security in Europe. It will also determine whether we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren a world made up of rules and rights. Or they too will face tyrants who seek to dominate by force and fear. He said that of the two nuclear energy threats, China remains the greater risk.

Still committed to China policy
He said that America is still committed to the long-standing One China policy. Austin said that we can clearly see the challenge presented by China, but its stature is not big, America's stature is big. America is not a country that is afraid of competition. We will overcome this with confidence and determination.

part of a major nuclear test
Austin said the bomber is part of a major nuclear test that is underway. The budget is estimated to cost $1.2 trillion by 2046. It also requires the modernization of the country's silo-launched nuclear ballistic missiles and its nuclear submarine fleet.

Defense experts argue
However, defense experts argue that this is still not enough to modernize and keep up with China as much of that spending goes to military personnel. The CBO estimates that about one-quarter of the defense budget is spent on personnel costs such as salaries, health care, and retirement accounts.