Co-development of defense technology between Australia and India

The co-development and co-production of defense equipment between India and Australia would be strengthened via the identification of new opportunities.

On July 24–25, the 8th India–Australia Defense Policy Talks (DPT) took place in Canberra, Australia. Nivedita Shukla Verma, a special secretary in the ministry of defense, and Steven Moore, acting deputy secretary in the australian department of defense, co-chaired the discussions.

The two sides discussed new efforts to further develop and deepen bilateral defense engagements while also reviewing their bilateral defense cooperation.


Both parties reiterated their commitment to fully implementing the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, which is founded on shared principles of democracy and the rule of law, mutual trust and understanding, and common interests.

An official press release said that the Indian side underlined the potential of the Indian defense industry’s capacity and competence to collaborate with the Australian armed services in its shipbuilding and maintenance programs.

From June 2020, India and Australia will collaborate on a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, which places a strong emphasis on defense.

At the ministerial level, there is a 2+2 mechanism between the two nations. The first 2+2 was done in September 2021, and the DPT analyzed the results. The early completion of a hydrography agreement was agreed upon by both parties.

Additionally, the two parties discussed geopolitical developments as well as local, regional, and international problems of common concern.

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