Corona becoming uncontrollable again, will the flying flag of the rules be put under lockdown again?

Corona becoming uncontrollable again, will the flying flag of the rules be put under lockdown again?

Corona has again started creating difficult situations like a year ago, which started in Maharashtra. The entire lockdown has been done till 1 March in Amravati, Maharashtra. The same lockdown was imposed in India 11 months before Tuesday and there are hardly any citizens of the country who can forget that day. Then there was a total lockdown for 67 days and now the possibility of return of the same lockdown is increasing as active cases are increasing in many states.

Active cases have been increasing in Punjab since 12 days. Corona cases have been increasing in Maharashtra for the last 10 days. Jammu and Kashmir has been witnessing continuous increase in active cases since 6 days, Karnataka for 4 days, while Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana from 3 days. Active case means the number of corona infected. Those patients who are being treated, who are currently admitted in hospitals. Increasing their number means that the situation is deteriorating and worries are increasing.

In the total 6 states of the country, the number of new cases reported in a day in Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka and Gujarat is 85 percent of the patients of the whole country. Obviously, the increasing graph of Corona in these states is increasing the possibility of new wave. Last year too, Corona reached millions in view of a small number of patients and it engulfed the whole country. This worry has become so big that a big meeting of the Central Government was held on Tuesday. A high-level meeting was held in the PMO, in which Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan was present and in this meeting the deteriorating situation in some states of the country, especially Maharashtra and Kerala, was discussed. In all the states where Corona cases are increasing, what measures can be taken to control them, it was discussed.

Central government will send teams to 6 states

The Union Health Secretary talked about sending the central team to the 6 states. The purpose of sending that team is to find out the reason for the sudden increase in the case there. Now take you to Amravati in Maharashtra, where there is complete lockdown and where you will miss the initial phase of the outbreak of Corona epidemic.

Amravati where the first lockdown of 2021 has been imposed. Malls, school-colleges, offices and shops are all closed. The biggest reason for this lockout is the new wave of Corona in Maharashtra including Amravati. The entire lockdown will continue till 8 am in Amravati on 1 March. Police, Home Guards and SRPF personnel are deployed on the scene. No one is allowed to go out except for those connected with essential services, despite this many people are not getting out of the streets, which the police are explaining strictly.

Apart from Amravati, strict restrictions have also been imposed in many other areas. A partial lockdown has been imposed in Nagpur. All schools, colleges and coaching classes have been closed. The order for imposition of curfew has been issued from 8 am to 6 am in Akola. In Yavatmal, curfew is in force from 8 am to 6 am. In Nashik, curfew has been imposed from 11 am to 5 am. Night curfew is also applicable in Pune. Apart from this, all schools and colleges have been closed till 28 February.

Maharashtra Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod flouted rules

The effect of the strictures being taken in Maharashtra is also visible. Negligence is being done, which can lead the entire Maharashtra towards lockdown. On the one hand, Uddhav Thackeray is teaching people lessons about masks and social distancing. Warning of a lockdown, on the other hand, the leaders of his party are developing a corona with the help of everyone, by defying the slogan that it is two yards away. Maharashtra Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod arrived at the Pohradevi temple with a crowd of hundreds of workers. During this period, the social distancing took off and many supporters of the minister appeared without a mask.

Another picture of how the leaders and their supporters are breaking the rules, being negligent in Maharashtra came out in the marriage of the son of former NCP MP Dhananjay Mahadik. Consider above. In this high-profile wedding, more than 700 guests arrived, defying all the rules and regulations. Most of the guests were seen without a mask in the party. The rules of social distancing also appeared to be shattered. Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis also arrived to congratulate the bride and groom.
At the wedding ceremony, Shiv Sena strongman Arvind Sawant also arrived to congratulate the party. NCP Chief Sharad Pawar had also come to the wedding. On the same day that this regular wedding was happening, CM Uddhav Thackeray was warning of the lockdown again. Those who do not want lockdown will wear masks. People who want lockdown will not wear masks. A case of violation of Kovid-19 rules has been registered against former MP Dhananjay Mahadik and two others after the photos of the wedding ceremony were revealed.

Leaders should understand their responsibilities

Being a chief minister, MP, MLA or leader of any party is a big responsibility and when the people responsible see their leaders violating the rules, then the wrong message goes. The result is that many people start ignoring the rules of protection from corona. Proof of this is the photographs of a wedding in Mumbai, where more than 200 guests arrived, bypassing the Kovid protocol. While taking action, the police have registered a case against the parents and organizers of the bride-groom, but the question is whether the police action will stop the corona infection. No, unless we and you follow the rules, the corona chain will not be broken, but this thing is still not understood by many people.

People are being negligent in Maharashtra

When our team reached Dadar station after coming out of Dadar Phool Market, then there was a huge crowd. The line was seen, but social distancing was not seen. Many people had put on masks. However, many people also appeared who did not wear masks. Even outside the station, there was no shortage of people who considered masks as burdens, who were fined by holding clean-up marshals. Whether it is the general public or the leader, everyone has to understand that by taking precautions, success was achieved in reducing the havoc of Corona. A little carelessness on that success can now drain water and not only Maharashtra, but can push the country to lockdown.

It is not the case that the people and leaders are only negligent in Maharashtra. Corona is being taken lightly in many states, one example of which is Bihar. Leaders coming to the Bihar Legislative Assembly do not mind the Corona. Opposition leaders protesting against Nitish government in Vidhan Sabha Bhavan protested and when talking about social distancing, the resolution of two yards has been shelved. Seen clearly there was no mask on anyone's face. These leaders probably feel that Corona cannot come in the assembly.

States made these rules

Due to special and common people, the success achieved by India in the fight against Corona can be revived. People may be forced to live in homes again. You can yearn to move from one place to another. Just like what happened last year. Something like this has also started this year. The states where corona cases are increasing, other states have started making a distance from them. In Karnataka, now only those people from Maharashtra will get admission, whose RT-PCR test report will be negative. People from Kerala will also be able to go to Karnataka only when they have a negative report of RT-PCR test. The Gujarat government has also started screening people coming from these states by putting check posts on the border of neighboring states Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

In Uttar Pradesh too, a special watch will be kept on those coming from other states. Especially those coming from states like Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh will have to have a 14-day self quarantine. People coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will be corona tested in Uttarakhand. Instructions have been issued to conduct RT-PCR test of people coming from Maharashtra in Madhya Pradesh. All this is being done so that we and you do not have to face the same thing that was suffered last year. Innumerable deaths and lockdowns due to corona because even though the cases of corona are increasing in some states, it can engulf the whole country.

Corona cases increasing continuously from 16 February

From 16 February to 21 February, new cases of corona were seen for 6 consecutive days. But, due to the strictness taken during this time, this figure was reduced to near ten and a half thousand on yesterday, 22 February, but this shortage should not be seen as a huge success or relief because if the negligence continues, then this ten thousand In a few days, it can grow in an unmatched way. April 13, 2020 was the date when the number of new cases received across the country crossed the one thousand mark for the first time. There was a lockdown during that time, but it continued to grow rapidly and by the time of 20 June, every day about 16 thousand new cases started appearing in the country, which doubled to 32 thousand in 25 days and 60 thousand after 20 days. Crossed the figure of and on 16 September 2020, the daily case in India reached the peak of more than 97 thousand.

Therefore, the question is now arising whether in time the lockdown should be imposed in those states and areas which can once again give Corona the same speed as before. No more lockdown. Of course, two yards is necessary to break the corona link once again in the country. This is the advice of TIP and also worry.

Poisonous gas leaks at China's chemical fiber plant, 5 dead so far

Poisonous gas leaks at China's chemical fiber plant, 5 dead so far

Five people have died due to leakage of poisonous gas at a chemical fiber plant in China's Northeast Jiling Province. Apart from this, at least eight people have become ill. According to the local administration, this incident took place in Jilin city. The condition of sick people remains stable. According to local media, there was a short circuit due to lightning at 9.30 pm on Saturday. Because of this there was some disturbance in the breathing apparatus.

The Xinhua News Agency quoted the city's Emergency Management Department as saying that the condition of sick people is stable. The accident happened around 9.30 pm on Saturday night. There was a short circuit in the high voltage cable during production. Due to this, the power went out and the device that helped to breathe stopped.

About two hours later, at 11.10 pm, the power supply was again restored and in the process of reproduction, the employees came in contact with the poisonous gas. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where five were declared brought dead. Orders have been ordered to investigate the accident.

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