Dutch farmers protest better pricing, ease EU environmental regulations, and block highways with fires

Late on Monday, hundreds of farmers protested throughout the Netherlands, blocking roads and starting fires, according to police and Dutch media.

Farmers are seeking fairer pricing for their crops, a relaxation of EU environmental standards, and a reduction in fuel taxes. These protests are the most recent in a series of actions taking place around Europe.

Agricultural trucks are traveling on the highway, fires have been started, fireworks have been let off, and police in the middle Gelderland area posted on social media site X with the statement that “action has been taken.”

Whether any arrests had been made was not disclosed by the police.

Joining farmers in a campaign that began in France last month and has now expanded to Germany, Poland, Romania, and Greece, Dutch and Belgian farmers have been protesting since last week.

Among other complaints, farmers have voiced their ire at what they perceive to be unduly onerous rules pertaining to agriculture.

In the meanwhile, the EU is rushing to allay the worries in front of this year’s elections for the European Parliament.

On Thursday, the European Commission committed to taking action to protect the “legitimate interests” of farmers in the EU during trade talks, including making sure that trade agreements “ensure a fair playing field in terms of standards.”