Elon Musk requests US President, buy a Tesla car

Elon Musk requests US President, buy a Tesla car
Elon Musk advised Joe Biden to buy a Tesla on Sunday. The US President has planned to build 5 lakh Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across the country. Biden recently announced the release of the first round of funding for a nationwide EV charging network to finance the construction of stations in 35 states. Biden posted on Twitter, We are building 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. The Great American Road Trip will be fully electrified. Musk replied, Or, you can just buy a Tesla.
Biden further posted, You put me to work - I hope I'm making you proud. Musk replied again, I like this post (sincerely). Earlier this year, Musk said no one was watching Biden after the president didn't mention Tesla during his State of the Union speech. Musk told CNBC, no one is looking at the State of the Union.
Biden touted a combined $18 billion investment by Ford and GM to build electric vehicles, while Tesla was not mentioned in Biden's address to the nation. Musk later tweeted directly to Biden, saying Tesla has created more than 50,000 American jobs in manufacturing electric vehicles and is investing more than twice as much as GM and Ford combined.
Tesla's CEO had said that Biden was treating the American public like a fool. However, in his first public acknowledgment of Musk-driven Tesla's contribution to the world of EVs, Biden said in February that the country was building a reliable national public charging network to counter the Chinese challenge to the EV market.
From iconic companies such as GM and Ford to new electric vehicle production, Tesla, our nation's largest electric vehicle maker, to innovative young companies, manufacturing is coming back to America after decades, he said.