EU imposes fresh sanctions on North Korea and Chinese companies for the situation in Ukraine

BRUSSELS: In observance of Russia’s second anniversary of its war on Ukraine, the European Union decided on Wednesday to impose fresh measures that include a restriction on exports to three mainland Chinese companies and the blacklisting of North Korea’s defense minister.

The latest set of sanctions, the thirteenth since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion in February 2022, aims to target about two hundred Russian officials and companies participating in the war.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, hailed the agreement reached by the 27 member states of the EU, stating that it will further restrict “Russia’s access to drones”.
Putin’s military machine has to be continually undermined, von der Leyen wrote on X.
According to some diplomats, among the additional penalties was the addition of three mainland Chinese enterprises to a list of corporations that EU businesses were not allowed to do business with.
The companies were suspected of being involved in providing Russia with secret military technology, making them the first in mainland China to be singled out for the sanctions.
Businesses from Turkey and India were also included, as the EU is focusing more on non-EU nations that assist Moscow in evading its sanctions.
According to officials, the EU also placed an asset freeze and travel restriction on North Korea’s defense minister Kang Sun Nam as part of the new package, preventing him from supplying Moscow with ballistic missiles.
In the two years of the conflict, the EU has placed around 2,000 individuals and organizations on its blacklist and imposed unprecedented penalties on Russia.
Russia’s economy has persevered despite the economic sanctions, and the Kremlin has been able to increase military output.
On Saturday marks the second anniversary of the invasion, which occurred as Ukrainian troops were beginning to lose territory and there was uncertainty about the US’s continued backing.

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