Ex-Opposition Leader Raja Riaz Joins PML-N, Claims “Everyone Knew Match Was Fixed”

A month after stepping down as the opposition leader in the National Assembly in August, former PTI leader Raja Riaz has formally joined the PML. According to the Dawn newspaper, Riaz joined the party after meeting PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and party president Shehbaz Sharif in London.

The three-time prime minister Nawaz’s leadership is reported to have received Riaz’s “complete confidence” during their meeting, according to the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N). Former Prime Minister Shehbaz made the official announcement of his membership at a press conference in London. He expressed the hope that the party will gain “great strength” with the addition of Riaz.

The newly appointed leader congratulated the Sharif brothers for placing their faith in him. He was once a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He said that he will contribute to “improving and enhancing the party and welcoming Nawaz to Pakistan upon his return”.

Following the overthrow of the Imran Khan administration in May of last year, Riaz was chosen to serve as the opposition’s leader in the National Assembly. Riaz refused to join any other party when the administration fell and took the role of opposition leader until the assembly’s constitutional term was over. Reports, however, indicated that the administration did not have a difficult time under his leadership as the opposition leader.

He was one of the most well-known PTI rebels and was kicked out by the organization in August of this year. Riaz oversaw last year’s flight from the party before joining the PML-N. In addition, he had declared in the open that he intended to run for office with the PML-N in the next elections.

Fawad Chaudhry, a former PTI colleague, poked fun at Riaz by saying that his membership was only a “token of gratitude” for the “countless services” he had provided the Shehbaz Sharif administration.

Taimur Jhagra, the head of the PTI, was more blunt in his criticism, claiming that “the match was fixed.”

Everyone was aware that the game was rigged. But consider how shameless you’d have to be to brazenly admit you manipulated the game, he remarked in a post on X, the platform that replaced Twitter.


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