Falco, the adored owl of New York City, is no more!

After colliding with a Manhattan skyscraper on Friday, Flaco, the lone Eurasian eagle owl remaining in the wild in North America, passed away. After someone damaged his habitat at the Central Park Zoo last year, he managed to escape.

The Wild Bird Fund (WBF) discovered Flaco dead at the location and contacted the zoo, according to a statement from the zoo. His remains were recovered, and they were sent to the Bronx Zoo for a necropsy.

The zoo said, “The vandal who destroyed Flaco’s exhibit endangered the bird’s safety and is ultimately responsible for his death.”

When Flaco was a baby owl in 2010, the zoo saved him. Before making his escape, he was an exhibit for 13 years. Although it was thought that he wouldn’t be able to live in the wild, he turned out to be an expert hunter and flier.

Falco: There is no zoo.
He rejected the zoo’s attempts to re-capture him using calls and bait. After a few weeks, they gave up, but they continued to watch him. They indicated they would be there to support him should he need it.

While Flaco sometimes ventured outside of Central Park, he spent the bulk of his time there. Some believed he was trying to find a partner. People who were in awe of his grandeur and beauty would often see him.

The zoo said, “We appreciate all of the support and concern over Flaco’s well-being over the past year and the many people who contacted us with updates.”

“We particularly value the Wild Bird Fund staff’s prompt action in attempting to assist Flaco.”

Social media users were outraged at Flaco’s passing. On X (previously known as Twitter), many people expressed their sorrow and appreciation for his incredible career. A user proposed tearing down the building where he went down.

Flaco was a big owl, measuring 1.8 meters (6 feet) in length. According to a 2020 research by naturalist Stephen Ambrose, owls may get blinded by city lights and collide with structures.

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