Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, is still critically sick

Two days after the attempt on his life, Slovakia’s prime minister Robert Fico is still in critical care, and it is uncertain whether he will fully recover.


Fico was shot four times and required five hours of surgery on Wednesday at the Banska Bystrica hospital, according to the most recent information supplied by Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok and Fico’s deputy Robert Kalinak.

Fico would “have to relearn many things” because to the severity of his injuries, which might make recuperation challenging, according to Kalinak. There is still no absolute assurance “that we have won,” even in the event that Fico responds in the hospital.

Experts in medicine have noted that post-operative complications may still pose a serious risk to life. During his absence, Kalinak is filling in for Fico.

The Bratislava government office said that further details on the 59-year-old lawmaker’s health would be made public “when the situation allows.”

As misleading incorrect information and conjecture have also been carried by the media, the office urged legislators, the public, and the media to spread only officially verified information.

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