France and China Should Work Together Globally to Address Climate Change and Global Tensions

Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna of France said on Friday that China and France have to collaborate in order to ease tensions across the world and deal with problems like biodiversity and climate images 18 3

Colonna was in Beijing on an official visit before next week’s UN climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the EU-China leaders’ meeting the following month. A four-day ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict began on the same day as her arrival.

At a meeting with China’s second-ranking leader, Premier Li Qiang, she said, “As big powers, we both share the responsibility to tackle global challenges… and we can make concerted efforts in alleviating tensions around the world.”

Tensions in today’s world stem from the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine as well as the rivalry between China and the US in commerce, technology, and security.

In an effort to promote a cease-fire in Gaza, a group of Arab foreign ministers recently met with permanent members of the UN Security Council in China and France.

The European Union has been pressing China harder, opening a trade probe into subsidies provided to Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles. EU authorities have demanded action to close the massive trade gap that the union has with China.

China has been attempting to mend its ties with its main commercial partners, such as Europe, the US, and Australia, despite their disagreements. In December of last year, China’s pandemic limitations were lifted, which greatly facilitated face-to-face contacts.

In April, French President Emmanuel Macron traveled to China, and in July, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire did the same.

“China-France relations are improving steadily in every way,” Li said. “In particular, the restoration of many of the mechanisms has led to an increase in the frequency of our exchanges at all levels.”

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