Guideline for runway incursion after Japan Airlines incident issued by DGCA

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released an Air Safety Circular on Monday that outlined mitigating techniques for runway incursion risk after the Japan Airlines tragedy. guideline for runway incursion after japan airlines incident issued by dgca plane

In a statement, DGCA stated that it has reviewed its current regulations and safety procedures for runway safety and the prevention of runway incursions in light of the accident that occurred on January 2, 2024, at Haneda Airport in Tokyo as a result of a runway incursion by a Japan Coast Guard DHC-8 aircraft, while Japan Airlines Flight 516 was landing.

As a result, the DGCA released an Air Safety Circular describing Runway Incursion Risk Mitigation Techniques. The National Aviation Safety Plan India’s production and safety data analysis served as the basis for this. The circular highlights a number of important measures, such as providing thorough training to pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers (clear to taxi), and drivers who work inside airport premises.

It goes on to say that making sure all employees and stakeholders follow standard operating procedures. “Adoption of technological interventions to improve situational awareness, thereby assisting Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other stakeholders to identify the traffic within the manoeuvering area,” the circular states.

The ATC is responsible for making sure that stop bars are turned on to signify a stop and off to allow traffic to continue. Vehicles or airplanes should never be told to pass through lit red stop bars. It states that airlines, airfields, and air traffic controllers should have emergency plans in place to handle unusable stop bars.

Acknowledging that human variables affect performance and that runway incursions may result from them. It states that all aerodromes should establish a Runway Safety Team and make sure it works.

Runway intrusion rates are trending downward. However, the danger of runway incursions may be further decreased by following the guidelines in this circular and encouraging stakeholders to be proactive.

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