“He turns everything he touches to sh**,” Trump accuses Biden in an election speech

Taking advantage of a lull in his hush money trial, Donald Trump held two consecutive rallies on Wednesday in crucial states in the Midwest, but he maintained his focus on his legal problems by accusing President Joe Biden of using the legal system as a weapon against him.

In preparation for his anticipated rematch with Democrat Joe Biden in November, the former Republican president, who is seeking reelection to the White House, gathered supporters in Wisconsin and Michigan, two of the most competitive states.

All of Trump’s standard set pieces were included in the addresses, from gripes about eco-friendly appliances to dire predictions of impending global conflict, but his venomous nighttime speech in Michigan stood out.

“Everything he touches turns to sh**,” Trump blasted Biden during an expletives-filled rally in Freeland, Michigan, over his criminal charges, his loss in the 2020 race, and his will to win reelection in November.

Trump had previously attacked Biden’s policies about immigration and the economy during a speech at an afternoon rally in the Wisconsin town of Waukesha.

During his two appearances, he repeated unfounded allegations that Biden is the one behind the 88 felony counts he is facing and accused Democrats of “executing” newborn infants as he moved to the very sensitive topic of abortion rights.

In front of a sea of red hats at his rally in Michigan, he said, “I have to do two of these things a day.”

Do you know why? Because I’m always in New York dealing with the Biden trial, which is a sham of a trial according to all legal experts, he said in Michigan.

Trump often asserts that the three charges against him for allegedly tampering with elections and the one for allegedly hoarding confidential data are the product of a political witch hunt, but he never provides any proof.

The 77-year-old mogul, who is suspected of concealing payments to a porn actress before the 2016 presidential election, used his uncommon day on the campaign trail to present his idealized image as an assured, seasoned politician.

Trump is the first former US president to be charged with a crime, and it seems like the trial has greatly irritated him.

He has been sitting through lengthy witness testimony sessions for the last two weeks, clearly bored and irate with the no-nonsense Judge Juan Merchan for making him attend. Merchan also issued a gag order that forbade Trump from criticizing jurors, witnesses, or court employees in public.

Trump has been speaking to reporters outside of the courthouse both before and after each day’s hearings, ranting about his legal issues, the US economy, his wife’s birthday, and the “freezing” weather inside the building.

“He detests appearing in court, where he is merely another accused criminal,” University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told AFP. “He is not in charge and he has no control.”

In an attempt to draw attention to his opponent’s legal issues, Biden’s team hasn’t wasted any time in calling Trump “Sleepy Don” in response to rumors that the Republican was dozing off in court.

The moniker brought up memories of Trump’s long-standing joke about Biden, “Sleepy Joe.”

Since March, Biden has gained ground in the polls, and the two contenders are now tied.

However, Trump and his allies want to use the media coverage of the trial to energize his followers and further their claim that Democrats are ruining the nation by failing to secure the borders and managing the economy poorly.

The former president accused Biden in Waukesha of letting the nation to be “invaded” by migrant hordes and of being too indifferent to the pro-Palestinian student protests that have rocked college campuses around the nation.

Even though Trump finds energy from his campaign rallies, he hasn’t conducted one since the trial began on April 15; the one that was scheduled was postponed due to bad weather.

He claimed in Michigan, “I have come here today from New York City where I’m being forced to sit for days on end in a kangaroo courtroom with a corrupt and conflicted judge enduring a Biden Sideshow trial at the hands of a Marxist district attorney.”

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