Homicide investigation continuing after Colorado police identify student and woman shot and killed in university dorm room

Sam Knopp, 24, and Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, are the two individuals who were shot and killed at a University of Colorado dorm room dorm room in Colorado Springs dorm room.

When police arrived at the scene at about six in the morning on Friday, they discovered their corpses with gunshot wounds to the head. According to NBC News, their connection was unclear.

Knopp, who was a brilliant guitarist and a college senior, was not enrolled at Montgomery’s alma mater. She was a freelance copywriter with a focus on health and wellness, and she was a single mother of two little children.

Colorado Springs Police said, “At this point in our investigation, this incident does not appear to be a murder-suicide and both deaths are being investigated as homicides.”

Colorado Police is still looking into it.
To determine the identities of the victims, the two corpses were autopsied by the El Paso County Coroner’s Office.

Police claim that the investigation is still underway and that they are searching for fresh information and possible suspects.

A police department press statement said, “Given this case’s active and fluid nature, additional information about those leads and any potential suspect details will not be released at this time.”

The department went on to say that, as far as the investigation has gone, this was not a random assault on the university or the school, but rather an isolated incident between persons that were acquainted.

Police said, “We owe it to the victims and their families to deliver accountability and justice for this horrific act, while acknowledging the difficulty of the situation and the withholding of information in the initial stages of the investigation.” “This year, the City of Colorado Springs has had three and four killings. Last year at this time, there were two killings.

Knopp’s distraught mother criticizes gun violence
Amy Knopp, the mother of Knopp, expressed her worries on Facebook about the increasing number of shooting occurrences, writing, “There were reports of an active shooter on campus at UCCS where our son, Sam, is a senior.” There is one dead, at least.”

She said that lax gun laws were to blame for the assault.

I apologize for my bad English, but it’s the goddamned guns! I feel like throwing up because this is too close to home. “Without action to support them, all the ‘thoughts and prayers’ in the world are meaningless,” she said.

Monday’s courses were canceled by the university so that students may participate in a healing session.

The institution released a statement saying, “We encourage everyone to come together throughout the day to support one another and intentionally set aside time for healing.”

Chancellor Jennifer Sobanet honored Knopp in the interim. In a letter to the school community, she added, “Sam was a senior studying music and a beloved member of the Visual and Performing Arts department.” “He was an accomplished guitar player and an extremely talented musician.”

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