Huge protests are in response to PM Netanyahu's decision to fire the defence minister; what's happening in Israel

Huge protests are in response to PM Netanyahu's decision to fire the defence minister; what's happening in Israel

In a statement on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is anticipated to announce the suspension of judicial reform legislation. The most recent event happened when Israeli President Isaac Herzog asked Netanyahu to stop his divisive judiciary overhaul right now. The president said that the action has put the country's security, economy, and society at risk.

Yoav Gallant, the prime minister's defence minister, was removed on March 26 for opposing the idea for a judicial reform. After being fired on Sunday, Gallant confirmed his earlier claim in a tweet, writing, "The security of the State of Israel has always been and will always be the purpose of my life."

What's Going On In Israel

- "There are strong and painful emotions, and I am making an appeal to the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, and Coalition members. Deep fear grips the whole country. Our society, economy, and security are all under danger. Israel's population as a whole is staring at you. The Jewish people as a whole are observing you. The whole world is watching you, "Herzog remarked, as reported by PTI.

- The president urged the administration to set aside personal interests for the sake of the country and the unity of the Israeli people.

After the prime minister's decision, tens of thousands of demonstrators entered the streets of Tel Aviv, blocking a motorway, while police battled with crowds in front of Netanyahu's home, according to Al Jazeera.

- The upheaval was made worse by Netanyahu's proposal to overhaul the nation's justice system, which sparked large-scale demonstrations and frightened the US and other close allies.

Business executives have expressed fear about the demonstrations, and Israel's close friends, particularly the United States, have expressed concern. The nation's economy has also experienced instability.

- Arnon Bar-David, the leader of Histadrut, the biggest labour union in Israel, declared a historic strike on Monday in an effort to halt the government's contentious judicial reform.

- Meanwhile, after Herzog's appeal to halt the legislation of judicial reform, Netanyahu is anticipated to declare that he is blocking the legislation.