“I Might Not Have Been…”: Israeli Prisoner Noa Argamani Was Cleaning Dishes at the Time of Her Release

When the Israeli army rescued Noa Argamani, an Israeli lady, she was doing the dishes. On October 7, she was abducted by Hamas terrorists from a music event and kept captive for more than 240 days.

Speaking about the rescue effort to a local television station, Argamani stated that she was doing the dishes when the Israeli troops broke into her home to save her, stressing that a single mistake might have resulted in her death.

It was horrible. The warriors have courage. She was cited by Channel 13 as stating, “I might not have been here today in a matter of seconds.”

Argamani’s abduction video went viral, making her imprisonment a global news story. She cried, “Don’t kill me!” as she was being driven away by gunmen in the video. No, no, no.

Gripping video of her being dragged into Gaza on a motorbike, begging for her life and frantically reaching out to her lover as he was marched behind her on foot, went viral all over the world. The Hamas gang was also seen abusing her partner, Avi Nathan.

Noa Argamani, the rescued prisoner, was brought to meet her terminally sick mother a few hours after her escape. Her mother’s touching video pleading with the authorities to release her daughter went viral on social media.

In October, just after Liora, her daughter, was kidnapped, Noa’s wheelchair-bound mother was asked how she envisioned their reunion during an appearance with a local television station.

Liora said, “At least to be able to hug her.”

The mother’s health is “complicated and tough,” according to hospital CEO Ronni Gamzu. According to him, Argamani was able to get through to her mother, who they think realized her daughter had returned home.

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