If there is “no Gaza plan” by June 8, Bibi’s military minister says he would step down

Israel’s officials expressed disagreements on who should manage Gaza after the war, which is now in its ninth month, as combat with Hamas raged throughout the northern area on Sunday. An Israeli airstrike killed 27 people in central Gaza, the majority of them were women and children.

The two other members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s War Cabinet are critical of him, and Benny Gantz, his chief political opponent, has threatened to quit if a plan including an international administration for post-war Gaza is not established by June 8th.

On Sunday, Israeli authorities, including Benjamin Netanyahu, were briefed by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on an ambitious US proposal to provide Saudi Arabia with recognition of Israel and assistance in governing Gaza in return for a route to ultimate statehood. According to Israeli sources, Netanyahu and his top advisers will attempt to come to a consensus with Sullivan over the need of move forward with the Rafah offensive.

Netanyahu, who rejects these plans and is against Palestinian statehood, said Israel would continue to have unrestricted security control over Gaza and work with local Palestinians who are not associated with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, which is supported by the West. In his ultimatum, Gantz said that “we will not allow any outside power, friendly or hostile, to impose a Palestinian state on us,” while simultaneously endorsing the rapprochement of Israel with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.

Although Gantz’s departure wouldn’t topple Netanyahu’s coalition government, it would make him more dependent on far-right supporters who want complete military occupation, the reconstruction of Jewish colonies in Gaza, and the “voluntary emigration” of Palestinians from the region. The conflict rages on, even as conversations about what lies next gain fresh significance. – News reports

Jordan requests that “war crimes” be looked into.

Amman: The kingdom of Jordan has urged an international inquiry into many war crimes it claims were committed during Israel’s military assault in Gaza, according to Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi’s statement on Sunday. In a news conference with the director of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Safadi said that everyone accountable for crimes that have been documented need to face consequences.

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