Imran Khan's phone was hacked by Nawaz Sharif with the help of Narendra Modi, Pakistani minister made 'baseless' allegations

Imran Khan's phone was hacked by Nawaz Sharif with the help of Narendra Modi, Pakistani minister made 'baseless' allegations

Pakistan's Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib on Tuesday raised doubts about the role of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in secretly accessing personal data of "his political opponents". Said, 'It is likely that Nawaz Sharif obtained information about Imran Khan through Israeli spyware with the help of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.'

Addressing a press conference in Faisalabad on Wednesday, Farooq Habib said Imran Khan was the key figure of the opposition before the 2018 elections and launched an aggressive campaign against Nawaz Sharif involved in the 'Panama Leak' case and pre-election rigging attempts. were were. That is why the PML-N leader may have used his ties with India to spy on Imran Khan and violate his privacy with the help of Israeli software, he said.

Imran Khan's phone was also hacked

Shocking revelations about phone tapping of world leaders and other celebrities through Israeli spyware 'Pegasus' were made in the investigative report of several media organizations of the world, which was released on Sunday. According to the Washington Post, India is also included in the list of countries that were using spyware of an Israeli company to hack the smartphones of journalists, government officials and human rights activists around the world. According to the report, the record included Bhiv, a phone number once used by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Data acquired with the help of Modi

The Pakistani minister said, "A country which was the enemy of Pakistan and the 'people of Kashmir' and just imagine, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan was seeking help from that country to tap the phones of his opponents." "While Modi was attacking the privacy of his opponents and gaining access to their personal data, it is certain that Nawaz Sharif also obtained the phone data of Imran Khan with Modi's help," he said.

The Pakistani minister said that we will demand an answer from Nawaz Sharif. He alleged that he had done this in the past to judges, politicians, heads of intelligence agencies and his political opponents. Making the allegation, the minister said that it was difficult to get the WhatsApp data of his opponents, so Nawaz Sharif sought Modi's help for that.

Shopping in supermarket became the cause of death! Exit gate closed after massive fire, 396 people were burnt to death

Shopping in supermarket became the cause of death! Exit gate closed after massive fire, 396 people were burnt to death

Supermarkets exist for shopping in countries around the world, where people reach to buy their everyday things. These supermarkets are equipped with all kinds of facilities to make them safe for the people. But what if someone goes to the supermarket for shopping, but does not come back alive. Actually, one such incident came to light in Paraguay on this day, when a huge fire broke out in a supermarket located in Asunción, the capital of the country. 396 people died in this incident.

On August 1, 2004, a massive fire broke out at the Ycuá Bolaños supermarket in Asuncion. The thing to note here is that in case of fire, the exit gate is usually opened, so that people can get out safely. But after the fire in this supermarket, the exit gate itself was closed. The reason behind this was to prevent people from stealing goods. On the other hand, while supermarkets around the world are safe, this building lacked adequate fire protection systems. The president of the supermarket company as well as various employees were later sentenced to prison for their actions during the fire.

How did the fire in the supermarket?

On August 1, 2004, there were two explosions on the first floor, after which a fire broke out. This fire kept burning for seven hours, after hard work, the fire department brought the fire under control. After the incident, it was found that 396 people have died due to burns. In addition, more than 500 people have been injured. The cause of the fire was told that there was a bad barbecue chimney, which leaked hot flammable gases into the roof. Because of this the fire started.

More attention was given to supermarket goods than life

Fire survivors and volunteer firefighters alleged that during the time the fire broke out, the doors inside the complex were locked at the instructions of supermarket owners Juan Pio Paiva and his son Victor Daniel. Because of this people got trapped inside the blazing complex. This was done so that people could not run away with the goods without paying. However, the management of the supermarket vehemently denied these allegations. At the same time, Paiva, his son and the security guard surrendered before the police and charges were framed against them.