Imran's softness towards America, learn in the procession - what did he say about Nawaz, Shahbaz, and the army

Imran's softness towards America, learn in the procession - what did he say about Nawaz, Shahbaz, and the army

While congratulating a big party at the Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Imran Khan said that he does not want to be a slave of America, but is in favor of having a friendly relationship with it. He also said that he is not anti-American. This statement of his is being seen as quite different from the old statements. After his removal from the post of PM, the anger and bitterness that was visible about America in his statements, his tone was softened in the latest statements. In this procession on Saturday night, Imran Khan unfurled the national flag, and fireworks were also held. During this the stadium was full. The government had made tight security arrangements for this procession held on the eve of Independence Day.

PTI had given a roadmap to the administration for this procession. Let us inform you that the country's Home Minister Rana Sanaullah had given a very strict warning to PTI for this procession and rally. He had said that if there was any kind of violence during this period, then Imran Khan himself would be responsible for it. Rana had also directly warned Imran that if something like this happened then it would not be okay with him. Imran Khan had named this procession and rallied Hakiki Azadi. In the procession, Imran Khan once again demanded the conduct of general elections in the country at the earliest.

While addressing the procession, he referred to former US President Donald Trump. He said that Trump had a very good relationship with him. When he went to America and met President Trump, this meeting took place in a very good atmosphere. He also said that he has no intention of making America an enemy. Pakistanis also play an important role in America. During this, the former PM also strongly criticized Shehbaz Sharif and Defense Minister Khwaja Asif. He said that all of them together are falsely accusing him of bringing Pakistan into disrepair.

Imran Khan said that a well-planned conspiracy is being hatched to ban him for life for contesting elections. This is being done so that he can negotiate with him about Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz is trying to come back to Pakistan. There is a life ban on him and he wants to join active politics after returning to his homeland. Imran made it clear that he will not do any kind of deal with Nawaz. Imran took a jibe at Nawaz's name and said that he would welcome him on his return home. The PTI chief said that the government wants to pit him against the army.

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