In western Afghanistan, flash floods caused by very strong seasonal rains claim at least 50 lives

At least 50 people have died in flash floods caused by heavy seasonal rains in the western Afghan province of Ghor, a Taliban spokesman claimed on Saturday. He said that the death toll was based on early estimates and may go up.

According to Abdul Wahid Hamas, the province governor of Ghor’s spokesperson, dozens more people are still missing.

He said that hundreds of hectares of agricultural land were devastated and thousands of residences and structures, including the province’s capital of Feroz Koh, sustained damage as a result of Friday’s floods. The province also incurred major financial losses.

The UN food agency said last week that over 300 people had died and hundreds of dwellings had been damaged in Afghanistan as a result of the exceptionally strong seasonal rains, mostly in the northern province of Baghlan, which was worst hit by flooding on May 10.

The World Food Organization said that those who survived had lost their land, their home, and their means of subsistence. The World Food Program (WFP) said that the majority of Baghlan is “inaccessible by trucks” and that it is using every resource at its disposal to provide food to the survivors.

Following terrible floods in April that claimed the lives of at least 70 individuals, the most recent tragedy occurred. In the western provinces of Farah and Herat, as well as the southern provinces of Zabul and Kandahar, the floods also damaged over 2,000 houses, three mosques, and four schools.

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