India allowed Pakistan PM Imran Khan to use Indian airspace

India allowed Pakistan PM Imran Khan to use Indian airspace

India has allowed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's aircraft to use Indian Airspace. Imran Khan is going on a two-day visit to Sri Lanka on Tuesday along with his cabinet colleagues and a high-level business delegation. For this tour, the Pakistani government had sought permission to go through Indian airspace.

According to the information, Imran Khan has a bilateral meeting with Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and during this time issues related to trade, investment, health, education, agriculture, technology, defense and tourism will be discussed.

Sri Lanka recently canceled Imran Khan's speech scheduled in his Parliament. According to the report, it was done so that the dispute with India could be averted. Colombo does not want to spoil its relationship with New Delhi, according to a report titled 'Sri Lanka averted conflict with India by canceling Khan's Parliament speech' published in Colombo Gazette.

Earlier in the year 2019, Pakistan did not allow its airspace to be used in the foreign visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India had sought permission to use Pakistan's airspace for PM Modi's visit to Germany on September 20, 2019 and to Saudi Arabia on October 28, 2019, but then refused.

Biden praised people of Indian origin, said to Swati Mohan - you increased the confidence of Americans

Biden praised people of Indian origin, said to Swati Mohan - you increased the confidence of Americans

Joe Biden Praises Indian Americans: US President Joe Biden has given 55 Indian-origin people a place in his administration. Whether it is the matter of government or space, Indian Americans in every field (Joe Biden on Indian Americans) have made their own special place with their talent. His contribution has been appreciated by Biden. He cited the inclusion of a large number of Indian-Americans in his administration and said that the dominance of the Indian-American people in the country has increased. During this time, Biden was talking to Swati Mohan, an Indian aerospace engineer from NASA.

Swati told Biden that the way for her to come to NASA was opened when she saw the first episode of 'Star Trek' as a chid. Swati Mohan played a key role in the mission of the US space agency NASA's 'Perseverance Rover' successfully landing on the surface of Mars. Swati has led the direction, direction and control campaign in NASA's Mars 2020 campaign (Mars 2020). The Perceived Rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars on 18 February. When Swati was one year old, her family came to India from India.

'Star Trek' increased curiosity

She said that her curiosity for space started in childhood when she used to watch the popular TV show 'Star Trek'. "The amazing visuals of space caught my attention the most and started working with the goal of exploring space," Joe Biden Talks with Swati Mohan told Biden via digital. President Biden has congratulated NASA's team for successfully launching a six-wheel rover on Mars last month and boosting America's confidence.

'Increased confidence of the American people'

Swati told, 'As the days were getting closer, we were really feeling very nervous. In the last seven minutes of the campaign, the beats had increased further. After getting the first pictures of the rover landing on the surface of Mars, it felt as if a dream has been fulfilled. Biden has praised Swati and other NASA scientists associated with the expedition. He said, 'You have fulfilled the dreams of millions of children and American youth. The work done by your team has increased the confidence of the American people.

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