India declares its commitment to enhancing Africa’s role in international development and security

India’s Permanent Representative, Ruchira Kamboj, made a strong case for her country’s continued support of African governments in tackling issues related to global security and development in a speech before the UN Security Council.

Speaking at the open discussion on the agenda item “Maintenance of international peace and security,” Kamboj emphasized the historical linkages and common solidarity that have long existed between India and Africa. India’s commitment to supporting Africa’s aspirations both bilaterally and multilaterally was highlighted when she said, “India believes that Africa’s rise is essential for true multipolarity in the global order.”

“There cannot be any peace without development,” Kamboj said, highlighting the relationship between the two. She emphasized the need of investing in infrastructure, energy security, education, health, and agriculture in order to achieve sustainable economic development. She also emphasized the necessity for sincere collaborations that empower Africans and are in line with their goals.

The Indian delegate delineated essential measures to augment the African continent’s prominence on the international arena. She advocated for a regional approach to peace and security concerns, emphasized the battle against terrorism in Africa, and campaigned for restructuring the UN Security Council to provide permanent participation to African states.

She also reaffirmed India’s demand that Africa be given more participation in the Security Council and emphasized how critical it is to fight terrorism in the continent.

Kamboj also emphasized India’s commitment to redressing past injustices and uplifting the Global South. Kamboj underlined the need of permanent African participation in an enlarged council, saying, “The continued denial of representation in the permanent category of membership is a blot on the collective credibility of this council.”

She demanded responsibility from those who continued the delay in awarding African representation, pointing out India’s support for the Ezulwini accord and the search statement and emphasizing the need to right past wrongs.

Speaking to the urgent security issues that Africa is experiencing, Kamboj emphasized the necessity for a regional strategy and urged the Security Council to recognize and encourage cooperative efforts between African nations and regional organizations. Kamboj emphasized, “The spread of terrorism in Africa is a matter of serious concern,” and urged that security threats from armed groups and terrorist organizations be given top priority.

Kamboj emphasized the difficult obstacles in the fight against terrorism, pointing to the lack of consistent funding and capacity limitations as two of the biggest problems. In order to properly tackle the underlying causes of terrorism in Africa, she demanded more resources and assistance.
“Significant mandates and resources are required for peacekeeping operations and special political missions,” Kamboj said, highlighting the need of well-defined departure plans for peacekeeping missions and the avoidance of outside interference in African affairs.

Kamboj emphasized India’s proactive approach by bringing up the country’s fruitful bid to get the African Union admitted to the G20 during its 2023 leadership. She called on the world community to take advantage of the next summit as a chance to show that it is committed to changing the current multilateral structure and elevating the voices of Africans.

Additionally, Kamboj reiterated India’s commitment to enhancing Africa’s position in international security and development and urged the committee of countries to accord African member states the respect and assistance they deserve in their pursuit of a peaceful and prosperous future.

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