India Nepal: What did the opposition parties of Nepal say against India, which angered the Indian Embassy, ​​had to answer

India Nepal: What did the opposition parties of Nepal say against India, which angered the Indian Embassy, ​​had to answer

The Indian Embassy said in Kathmandu on Saturday that India's stand on its border with Nepal is well known and clear ( India Nepal Conflict ). This statement from India comes at a time when Nepal's opposition parties have expressed dissatisfaction over reports that claimed that the Indian government is carrying out construction activities in areas which Nepal has given its approval. is included in the map. Nepal's main opposition Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML) has asked Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on the border issue . clarify the situation on Lipulekh.

Rajan Bhattarai, head of UML's State Department, said in a statement, "UML firmly believes that construction of roads and other structures should be stopped (India Nepal Lipulekh Dispute). The problem should be resolved quickly through dialogue and no framework should be created till the issue is resolved through dialogue. On questions from the media regarding the recent news and statements in Nepal on the question of Indo-Nepal border, the Indian Embassy spokesperson said, "Government of India's stand on the Indo-Nepal border is well known, as before and clear." The Government of Nepal has been informed about this.

asked to negotiate a solution
The spokesperson said, 'We are of the view that established inter-governmental mechanisms and media are best suited for dialogue (India and Nepal Relations). Remaining border issues can always be resolved by mutual agreement in the spirit of our close and friendly bilateral relations. Other political parties that have raised concerns over the issue include Vivekksheel Samhay Nepali, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party and ruling coalition partner, CPN (Unified Socialists). The ruling Nepali Congress on Friday said India's move to continue construction of the road in Lipulekh was "objectionable".

Told all three the territory of Nepal
The party reiterated that Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura are Nepalese territories (India Nepal Current Relations). He urged India to immediately withdraw its troops stationed in the Kalapani area and resolve the border dispute amicably through high-level talks based on historical facts and evidence. "We are clear about the fact that Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani are in Nepalese territory and the Indian Army should withdraw from Kalapani area," the Nepali Congress Party said in a statement. The party said that the border dispute between Nepal and India should be resolved on the basis of the Sugauli Treaty of 1816.

protest against road construction
The statement, signed by Nepalese Congress general secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma and Gagan Thapa, said, "The construction of the road in Lipulekh by India is a unilateral violation of the clause mentioned in the Nepal-India Joint Commission, which mentions that there is no dispute between the two countries. Also the dispute should be resolved through diplomatic mechanism (India Nepal Land Dispute).' It said, 'The construction of a road in Lipulekh by India in violation of the bilateral agreement is a serious and objectionable matter and it should be stopped immediately.'

centuries-old historical links
The party said that the two countries have centuries-old historical ties. Therefore, any kind of border issue between the two countries should be resolved through high level diplomatic channels on the basis of historical documents (India Nepal Land Border). In November last year, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in Uttarakhand's Pithoragarh that an attempt was made to create misunderstanding in Nepal about the road from Lipulekh pass to Mansarovar via Dharchula. Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt also claimed that the pilgrims would soon be able to travel to Kailash-Mansarovar by vehicle as Rs 60 crore has been sanctioned by the Center to convert the border road from Ghatiyabagar to Lipulekh into a pucca road.

Where is Lipulekh Pass and Kalapani?
Lipulekh Pass is a remote western point near Kalapani, the border area between Nepal and India (India Nepal Kalapani Dispute). Both India and Nepal claim Kalapani to be an integral part of their territory (India Nepal Latest News). India considers it its territory as part of the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand (India Nepal International Relations) and Nepal as part of Dharchula district.

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Roots of anti-US sentiment are deep in Pakistan, and Imran is getting the benefit

Roots of anti-US sentiment are deep in Pakistan, and Imran is getting the benefit

After the interview of Imran Khan aired on the TV channel CNN, more discussion has started in America about the anti-American campaign of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan's nearly nine-minute interview aired this week. In it, Imran reiterated the allegation that America was behind the change of power in Pakistan last month. At the same time, he also demanded the sacking of US Secretary of State Donald Lou for speaking in a "disrespectful tone" to Pakistani embassy officials.

Both the US and Pakistan's military have denied Imran Khan's allegations. Despite this, Imran Khan's party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is getting the support of a large part of the public on this issue in Pakistan. In this regard, Maleeha Lodhi, who was Pakistan's ambassador to the United Nations and America, told CNN- 'That Imran Khan is using anti-American sentiments to garner support in his favor. His loyal supporters are ready to believe his point of foreign conspiracy ignoring the facts, while there is no evidence in this regard. Huh.

According to analysts, a major reason for such sentiment towards America is the condition of Afghanistan. A large number of people in Pakistan believe that America was engaged in destabilizing Pakistan from the ground of Afghanistan. Such sentiments have existed among the people of Pakistan since at least 2001 when the US invaded Afghanistan. After that in 2003, when the US attacked Iraq, there was an opinion in all the Muslim countries including Pakistan that America has waged a war against Islam.

In 2011, when US security forces attacked al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad without taking the Pakistani government into confidence, a large part of Pakistan's population considered it a violation of its sovereignty. There was an opinion that America takes arbitrary action without respecting the sentiments of Pakistan. In the same year, US intelligence agency CIA contractor Raymond Davis was assassinated in Lahore. The tension over this issue also widened the gap between the people of America and Pakistan.

According to Islamabad-based lawyer and columnist Kamal Watch, such incidents have caused irreparable damage to the mutual trust between the two countries. Because of these, such stories become credible that someone from behind the scenes is plotting against Pakistan. According to Madiha Afzal, a foreign policy expert at the American think tank Brookings Institution, this old background is the reason behind the support Imran Khan is getting. He said- 'This is a part of a long history, in which stories of western conspiracy have been found in Pakistan. This is something that people blindly trust.

Imran disappointed with low public participation in Azadi March
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan is disappointed with the failure of PTI leaders to mobilize enough protesters during the Azadi March in the capital. Geo News journalist Shahzeb Khanzada revealed that the deposed PM had expected a large number of people to take part in the march on his own, but that did not happen and people came in less number than expected.

Ruckus case filed against PTI leaders
Recently, there was a clash between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party supporters and the police inside Islamabad. 11 more cases, including ruckus, have been registered against party workers, including Imran, over these clashes, which took place on the call of Azadi March given by party president Imran Khan. Earlier, a case of arson was registered.

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