India US Relation: White House said – America gives importance to relations with India, also said this big thing

India US Relation: White House said – America gives importance to relations with India, also said this big thing

India is an important strategic partner of America in the Indo-Pacific region. The US values ​​its bilateral relations with India very much. The White House says that each country will have to make its own decision regarding Russia. US National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby says that there is a need to put pressure on Indian energy imports from Russia.

India has the right to talk about economic policies

John Kirby said, 'We will let Indian leaders talk about their economic policies. All I can tell you is that we value this bilateral relationship with India and we want to. Obviously, every country has to take its own decisions. US-led Western countries have imposed severe sanctions on Russia for launching a "special military operation" in neighboring Ukraine.

America's three great things

Kirby underlined that the Indo-Pacific is a very important strategic partner.
This partnership represents itself both in defense and security, economic as well.
India has every right to have its say on its economic policies.

Big statement amid sanctions on Russia

Since the war in Ukraine, the US and many European countries have imposed various economic sanctions on Russia. For this reason, Russia has offered huge discounts on oil. India is benefiting the most from this. Russia wants India to buy oil from them, it wants to make India the second-largest oil supplier. According to media reports, Russia has also overtaken Saudi Arabia in the oil trade.

There is a deadlock on oil imports from Russia

Indian refiners bought about 25 million barrels of Russian oil in May, which is 16 percent more than oil imports. On the other hand, many western countries are talking about India not doing oil trade with Russia for India to buy oil from Russia. So far India has not said anything against Moscow regarding the Russian attack in Ukraine. However, India is talking of moving ahead with diplomacy and dialogue for an immediate solution to the Ukraine crisis.

India wants to resolve the pressure through diplomatic means

India is the third-largest oil importing country in the world. Oil consumption here is higher than in other countries. India has been importing large quantities of crude oil from Russia. For this reason, he wants to resolve the pressure on other countries through diplomatic means. India says that it imports a small amount of oil from Europe and its consumption is high. For this reason, to meet the consumption of oil, he imports oil from Russia.

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Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis and wants to buy oil from Russia, two ministers will visit Russia

Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis and wants to buy oil from Russia, two ministers will visit Russia

Troubled Sri Lanka is exploring options to buy oil from Russia. A senior minister said on Sunday. Sri Lanka is desperate to replenish its dwindling fuel stocks amid an unprecedented economic crisis due to a severe shortage of foreign exchange reserves. On Sunday, the price of petrol was hiked by LKR 50 and diesel by LKR 60 respectively, which is the third price revision in two months.

State-owned refinery Ceylon Petroleum Corporation on Saturday informed the Sri Lankan government that the move was necessitated after the arrival of fuel shipments was delayed due to banking and logistical reasons. Given the dire scenario, Sri Lanka's Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera stressed that the government is exploring options to buy oil from Russia. He said, “We are looking for diplomatic channels. The last ship to arrive was a Russian ship."

Two ministers to visit Russia on Monday
Wijesekera said on Sunday that our first letter of credit was rejected by international banks because the ship was owned by a Russian company. He said the two ministers are scheduled to visit Russia on Monday to discuss fuel and other diplomatic matters. Let us tell you that last week, the Sri Lankan government approached several companies suggested by the Russian Embassy in Colombo for the purchase of crude oil.

"Meanwhile, the government has also decided to implement a token system for the supply of fuel to the people waiting in the queue at the filling station," Wijesekera said. The minister said, “This program will be implemented from Monday, for which the government has sought the help of the soldiers from the police and the army.”

shortage of essentials in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since independence in 1948, due to which food, medicine, cooking gas, and fuel are being sold across the country. There has been a severe shortage of essential commodities like

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