Indoor Mask Mandate Lifted in South Korea

Indoor Mask Mandate Lifted in South Korea

Since Monday, all South Koreans are no longer required to wear masks inside most establishments, including schools, kindergartens, and gyms. Since October 2020, the required mask regulation has been in effect.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency has said that the mask requirement would still continue to be in effect in hospitals, pharmacies, and on public transportation (KDCA). The last pandemic limitation was removed at a time when fewer cases were being reported each day.

The nation recorded 7,416 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, the fewest in over seven months. In a significant step toward assisting people in returning to routine, South Korea dropped the outside mask requirement in May of last year.

Given the experts' predictions on the viral trend in the next months, Jung Ki-suck, head of the government advisory council for Covid-19, said at a news conference on Monday that the complete lifting of the mask-wearing restrictions would be achievable around May.

On the first day after the mandate's removal, the majority of individuals wore masks while displaying a range of emotions.

While some expressed worry over the possibility of contracting the disease without the protection, others said they applauded the decision even though they are used to using masks in public. The majority of commuters also continued to use face masks within public transportation facilities and even outside transportation hubs because they saw masking as a combination of security and habit.