Israel-Hamas War: According to Qatar, the two-day humanitarian truce in Gaza has been extended

The Gaza Strip humanitarian truce has been extended for a further two days, according to a statement released by Qatar’s foreign ministry on Monday. This occurs on the eve of the first four-day ceasefire in Gaza. The spokesperson for the Qatari foreign ministry, Majed Al Ansari, posted on X, previously known as Twitter, stating that “an agreement has been reached to extend the humanitarian truce for an additional two days in the Gaza Strip.” israel palestinians 39 1701081363231 1701102212451 11zon

Additionally, Hamas said that it has reached a deal with Qatar and Egypt, who are conducting indirect negotiations between the parties, to extend the ceasefire by two days. “An agreement has been reached with the brothers in Qatar and Egypt to extend the temporary humanitarian truce by two more days, with the same conditions as in the previous truce,” a spokesperson for Hamas told Reuters.

According to news agency AFP, Qatar has been actively involved in negotiations to establish and extend the Gaza truce, which the mediators had stated was intended to be broadened and expanded, with the assistance of the US and Egypt during the humanitarian pause in warfare and the weeks prior.

Hamas was supposed to free close to fifty civilian captives, including women and children, during the first ceasefire. In return, Israel agreed to release 150 Palestinian detainees and for assistance to enter Gaza.

According to news agency AFP, as part of the deal between the two sides, Hamas freed up to 39 Israeli captives in its first three days in return for 117 Palestinian inmates detained in Israeli prisons. Parallel discussions mediated by the Gulf state resulted in the release of 17 Thais, 1 Filipino, and 1 dual Russian-Israeli person by the Palestinian organization.

Following a meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed ministers that the agreement was a “difficult decision but it’s a right decision,” and as a result, the ceasefire was agreed upon. In addition, Hamas hailed the action as a “humanitarian truce” that would free Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

Earlier on October 7, Israel was the target of unprecedented air, land, and sea strikes by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces struck Gaza with a blistering barrage of strikes and repeated assaults in reprisal, resulting in many deaths.

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