Israel-Hamas War: “There will be no room for support” Netanyahu issues a caution to the PA

In a video that was posted on X, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently challenged the Palestinian Authority for their denial that Hamas was responsible for the assault on Israel on October israel hamas war there will be no room for support netanyahu issues a caution to t

Netanyahu chastised Mahmoud Abbas for not condemning the incident and accused him of downplaying Hamas’ involvement. He referenced a statement from the Palestinian Foreign Ministry denouncing Israel for the death and disavowing Hamas’ involvement.

“Today, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry released a startling statement in which it claimed that Hamas was responsible for the horrific slaughter at the Ra’im celebration, placing the responsibility squarely on Israel. It is insufficient that after 44 days of Abu Mazen’s refusal to denounce the horrific killing, his followers are now denying it and blaming Israel for it. Netanyahu added in the article, “Abu Mazen, a Holocaust denier, now also disputes the Hamas-ISIS massacre.”


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