Jeffrey Epstein list: A new lawsuit exposes how the paedophile used the dancer’s mother’s sickness for years of exploitation

A recent complaint charges Jeffrey Epstein of regularly abusing and coercing the young dancer and threatening to stop her medical treatment if the kid spoke out. Epstein allegedly used the mother of one of his victims, who had a brain tumor, as a weapon.

Two of Epstein’s closest advisors, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, are named as defendants in the case, which was filed on Friday in federal court in Manhattan. Danielle Bensky and another unidentified accuser brought it.

Bensky, an aspiring dancer, met Epstein in 2004 at his New York residence when she was paid $300 to give him a massage, according to court filings. She said that his riches and influence frightened her, and she went back to him many times for comparable massages—some of which included him ordering her to undress and engaging in some serious masturbation.

For years, Epstein exploited Bensky and other females.
Bensky said that Epstein took advantage of her mother’s brain tumor diagnosis in order to control her. According to the lawsuit, he requested that to show him the brain scans and that he was “familiar with neurology.”

According to the lawsuit, “Epstein told Bensky that he knew the best surgeons in New York, but that she would have to recruit other girls for him if Bensky wanted Epstein to help her mother.”

“During the course of the following year, Epstein made numerous threats against Bensky, one of which was that her mother would not receive the necessary medical care for her brain tumor if she disobeyed his demands.”

According to the lawsuit, Bensky claimed that the infamous paedophile’s threats and the others who assisted him in carrying out his sex trafficking operation had imprisoned her in a “cult-like life.”

With hundreds of victims, Epstein
According to the lawsuit, Epstein was able to sexually assault hundreds of victims for more than 20 years because of the “complex financial infrastructure” that Indyke and Kahn were a part of. Bensky and the second accuser, known as Jane Doe 3, claim that the two advisors “knowingly and intentionally personally benefited” from the operation and that they were fully aware of Epstein’s transgressions.

Through their attorney, Daniel Weiner, Indyke and Kahn refuted the accusations on Wednesday, stating that they were “extraordinarily surprised and disappointed” by the latest complaint.

Weiner released a statement stating, “These newly-filed claims are factually baseless and legally frivolous.”

“Mr. Indyke and Mr. Kahn vehemently deny the accusations of misconduct contained in the complaint, and they have never been found to have committed any misconduct in any forum.”

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