Jerusalem explosions: one person killed, 18 injured in two blasts

Jerusalem explosions: one person killed, 18 injured in two blasts
At least one person was killed and 18 others were injured in two explosions in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning. The first blast occurred around 7:00 a.m. near the main entrance of the bus stop in Givat Shaul in West Jerusalem. The Times of Israel reported that a second explosion occurred shortly after at Ramot Junction, another entrance to the city. Israeli police are collecting evidence at the scene as well as trying to trace the suspects. It was said from the official Twitter handle of the Israeli government, 'A terrible morning has come to the fore in Jerusalem. 1 killed and 18 injured in two separate terrorist attacks. Both terrorist attacks took place at the bus stop. We mourn for the victims who were murdered. Also, pray for the speedy recovery of the injured.
Israeli police investigating the blasts
The Israel Police said in its tweet, 'The Israel Police Force is present at both places. The police investigation team is taking information from evidence and eyewitnesses. Along with this, action is also being taken to trace the suspect. Media reports said that the cause of the blasts could not be immediately ascertained. However, the police have raised the possibility that one of the blasts was caused by a bomb kept in a handbag left near the bus.
no one has claimed responsibility yet
So far no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for these blasts. Israeli security agencies are conducting a thorough search of the area to find the suspect linked to the blasts. The Times of Israel reported that dozens of people have been killed so far in the back-to-back attacks. Tension is also increasing in the country due to these attacks. Significantly, these terrorist blasts have taken place at a time when preparations are underway to form a new Israeli government.

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