Joe Biden describes Donald Trump as not a “Navansky” and labels Vladimir Putin a “crazy SOB.”

At a fundraising event in San Francisco on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden launched a vicious assault on both his former competitor, Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Biden voiced his shock at Trump’s self-comparison to the late Russian dissident, Alexey Navalny, and called Putin a “crazy SOB.”

Biden said that there was always a risk of nuclear war from Putin and similar dictators.

He said, “We always have to worry about nuclear conflict, and we have this crazy SOB like that guy Putin, and others.” Additionally, he attacked Trump for comparing himself to Navalny, who passed away after being poisoned and imprisoned by the Kremlin. Trump is attempting to oppose him in the next presidential election.

Biden said, “I don’t know where the hell this comes from.”

“The things that are being uttered amaze me. You would all believe that I ought to be committed if I had stated any of this ten, fifteen, or even more years ago.

It was a component of fundraising event in San Francisco.
Biden visited engagements in Southern and Northern California during his three-day tour to the West Coast, which included the fundraiser. As of the end of January, sources state that his campaign had raised $130 million.

Trump compares himself to Nikolay
Trump made an appearance on a Fox News town hall on Tuesday night, expressing sympathy for Navalny’s situation and asserting that he had experienced comparable political persecution. He said that his opponents were the reason for his own four criminal charges and that Navalny’s death was a “very sad situation.” Neither the continuing invasion of Ukraine nor Putin’s involvement in Navalny’s killing were criticized by him.

Meanwhile, in reaction to Navalny’s passing and Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine, the White House said that it will present a “major sanctions package” against the country on Friday. The sanctions would supplement the current actions taken against Putin’s government.

However, political disagreements have prevented Congress from approving more help for Ukraine. This week is a recess for the House of Representatives.

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