Major attack on prison near capital Abuja in Nigeria, 266 prisoners absconding

Major attack on prison near capital Abuja in Nigeria, 266 prisoners absconding

There has been a major attack in Nigeria where attackers have freed 266 prisoners by targeting a prison. This information has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nigeria. The ministry has said that a soldier and a police officer have died in the attack and two guards are also absconding.

This is the second largest attack on a Nigerian prison of the year. It has been told by the authorities that the prison located in Kaaba in the south-central Nigerian state of Kogi was attacked by heavily armed assailants late on Sunday night. This place is towards the southwest of the capital Abuja.

All the prisoners of the jail free

The attackers blew up the prison wall and released 266 prisoners, or almost all the prisoners. It is being told that the attackers destroyed the wall from three sides and they used a dangerous explosive. There was also heavy exchange of fire between the guards of the prison and the attackers. The security in this jail is of medium level and it is believed that the lack of security is a major reason behind the attack. Nigeria is a country that is facing tough security challenges in its border. Often criminal gangs loot weapons.

The biggest attack happened in April

Islamic terrorism is prevalent in the North-East of this country and children are kidnapped in schools in the North-West. There were 294 prisoners in the Kaaba prison, out of which only 28 are left in jail. Earlier this number was told 240 by the jail authorities. This is the second major attack on a prison in Nigeria this year. Earlier, Avery's jail was attacked in the month of April. 1800 prisoners fled in that attack. The police had blamed the banned separatist organization Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for that attack. This organization is campaigning for several south-eastern states of Nigeria.

Prisoners in jail were more than capacity

The attackers involved in the attack that took place on Sunday are yet to be identified. This prison of Kaaba was started in the year 2008. The jail has a capacity of 200 inmates. While 224 prisoners were waiting for the trial to begin at the time of the attack, 70 were convicted on different charges. In Nigeria, suspects are detained and sent to jail before the trial. According to human rights organizations, there are more prisoners in the jail than capacity and the legal procedures are also not correct. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, 15 soldiers, 10 police officers and 10 prison guards were deployed during the attack in the Kaaba prison.

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While speaking in support of 'LGDP…LGTP…LGT', gay community, 'LGBTQ+' only 'LGBTQ+' could not speak properly, watch the video here

While speaking in support of 'LGDP…LGTP…LGT', gay community, 'LGBTQ+' only 'LGBTQ+' could not speak properly, watch the video here

Justin Trudeau LGBTQ Video: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing the anger of people on social media. This is because he could not speak properly LGBTQ+ during a speech. A video of this is also becoming quite viral on social media. In which it can be seen how Trudeau is making mistakes in pronunciation again and again. First they say LGDP, then LGTP and then they start saying LGT. After this again he laughs and pronounces it correctly in the fourth time.

This is a matter of anger for the people because in Canada there is talk of giving equal rights and support to the LGBTQ community. This country is considered very liberal towards the LGBTQ community. In such a situation, if the Prime Minister of the country will not pronounce it correctly, then it is bound to feel bad for the people of the community including the other people who support him. Talking about PM Trudeau, he always speaks in support of this community. But this time he made a mistake in pronunciation.

spelled mistake three times

Addressing the people, Trudeau says, 'I will never apologize for standing with the LGDP…LGTP…LGT++ kids.' Let us tell you that this time elections have been held in Canada ahead of time. In which once again the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau has won. But this time also his party has not been able to prove majority. Trudeau appeared in this election as the leader of a stable minority government (Canada LGBTQ+ Rights). He hoped that due to better handling of the Kovid-19 epidemic, his government would get a majority this time. But this could not happen.

Won elections for the first time in 2015

Justin Trudeau won the 2015 election for the first time. He is the son of the leader of the Liberal Party and former Prime Minister of the country, Pierre Trudeau. He is also known as the refugee leader of the migrants. He gave shelter to these people at a time when America and other countries had closed their doors (Canada Election Results). In 2017, PM Trudeau formally apologized to those who have faced harassment and discrimination under Canadian laws and policies. Trudeau has also backed a bill that bans so-called 'conversion therapy' of the LGBTQ community in Canada.

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