Major fire in the crowded Park Street neighborhood of KolkatA

On Tuesday, a large fire started in the crowded Park Street neighborhood in downtown Kolkata.

Hours after the fire was initially seen, authorities and employees of the crisis management and fire services agencies were having difficulty fully controlling the fire, despite the fact that no casualties had been recorded as of yet.

At around 10.45 a.m., there was a fire reported in a multi-story structure housing a pub-restaurant near the popular Park Street crossing. Five firefighters arrived on the scene almost immediately and got to work putting out the fire.

But when the flames became more intense, additional firemen were sent to the scene. Fifteen fire tenders were working to completely contain the fire at the time the report was submitted.

Sujit Bose, the state minister of fire services, hurried to the scene and was seen overseeing the whole firefighting operation.

Thankfully, no casualties have been recorded as of yet. Everyone who was inside the building at the time has been safely removed. Putting the fire entirely under control is our main goal. We will look into the cause of the fire at a later time. Additionally, we’ll look into any violations of the fire safety regulations, according to Bose.

Due to the temporary restrictions on traffic, there is now heavy traffic on the nearby roadways.

Insiders with knowledge of the fire services department said that any of the cooking gas cylinders kept in the kitchen area of the bar-restaurant might very likely have been the fire’s origin. According to a department official, “the officers from the forensic department will examine the spot to ascertain the reason and source behind the fire at a later stage after the fire is completely extinguished and the cooling process is complete.”


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