Man detained in Romania on suspicion of working as a Russian spy

Prosecutors in Bucharest said on Friday that a man from Romania had been detained on suspicion of espionage for Russia for the previous two years.

The diplomat he believed to be his Russian contact was banished.

As to the statement, the Romanian guy has been “gathering military intelligence and capturing images of military weaponry and personnel movements in the Ukrainian border region” since 2022.

It went on to say that the individual is believed to have been spying on NATO or Romanian military installations near the city of Tulcea.

Tulcea is situated around 7 kilometers from the Ukrainian border in the Danube Delta. From there, there are transportation links to Ukraine.

The public prosecutor’s office further said that the suspect had sent this information to the Russian embassy located in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

At the proposal of the Romanian internal intelligence agency (SRI), the Russian ambassador was branded persona non grata in relation to the espionage investigation, intelligence authorities revealed.

The Russian’s deportation was also verified by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but they did not provide a precise explanation.

It just pointed out a breach of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as is customary in situations like these.

The accused spy, a citizen of Romania, has been placed under investigation by a magistrate and will be held in detention for 30 days at first.

The Romanian army, NATO’s intelligence service, the nation’s internal intelligence agency, and a special section of the public prosecutor’s office, which handles organized crime and terrorism, worked together to undertake the investigation.

Several pieces of evidence were found and taken into custody when the suspect’s house was searched, according to the detectives.

He had attempted, but failed, to put himself up for the June municipal elections.

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