Minister of the German Interior denounces the dramatic increase in crimes against politicians

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser warned the media that Germany is seeing a frightening escalation of political hostility, as seen by the steep increase in assaults on politically engaged individuals.

The lawmaker for the Social Democrats (SPD) said, “We must stop this spiral,” in an essay for the Sunday edition of the German daily Welt.

3,691 offenses, including 80 violent ones, were registered against party members, public and elected officials, and others last year.

That is a roughly 20% increase in violent crimes from the 67 recorded in 2022 and an 85% increase over the 1,994 offenses recorded in 2022.

“Those affected are threatened, their offices attacked, their homes besieged, and their private property damaged or destroyed,” Faeser said.

She is going to provide 2023 data on politically motivated crime on Tuesday.

She brought up the assault on SPD member Matthias Ecke, a member of the Bundestag, who was battered and sent to the hospital in Dresden at the start of May.

It was the depressing conclusion to several violent actions, threats, and intimidation efforts that had taken place in previous weeks. We have to make it clear that the state established by the constitution will not put up with this brutality.”

That applies to violence against both the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Greens, according to her.

According to Faeser, violence against volunteers, law enforcement, and rescue personnel is also aimed at the community.

“The offenders take pride in their struggle against a “system” that they abhor. However, they are and continue to be heinous criminals who openly commit acts of violence.”

“And that is exactly how they should be prosecuted—and pursued with extensive investigations, which require resources,” she said.

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