Multiple Cruise Missiles are Fired by North Korea Off its Western Coast

The latest in a series of recent military exercises by Pyongyang, North Korea launched numerous cruise missiles off its west coast on Saturday, according to the military in Seoul.

The launches came three days after the North fired two short-range ballistic missiles in a “tactical nuclear strike drill” in response to the annual US-South Korean Ulchi Freedom Shield military drills, which typically enrage the isolated dictatorship.

While the two partners claim that the exercises are defensive in nature, Pyongyang sees them as a practice for an invasion.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff stated in a statement on Saturday that an unknown number of cruise missiles were fired at approximately 4 am (1900 GMT) in the direction of the Yellow Sea and that the missiles’ technical details were being examined.

The JCS said, “We have increased surveillance and monitoring and are maintaining the highest level of readiness in close coordination with the United States.”

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, went to a training command post on Tuesday and gave a comprehensive account of his future war preparations, which included “making simultaneous super-intense strikes” against key military installations in the South.

This year, North Korea tested more weapons than ever before. Last week, it made its second unsuccessful effort to launch a spy satellite into space.

In response, Seoul and Washington have intensified their defense cooperation by holding joint military drills involving cutting-edge stealth planes and US strategic weapons.

After unsuccessful efforts to negotiate Pyongyang’s denuclearization, relations between the two Koreas are at their worst point in years, and diplomacy is at a standstill.

Kim has referred to North Korea’s nuclear program as “irreversible” and urged for increased manufacturing of weapons, especially tactical nuclear weapons.