Nepal Tara Air: Plane carrying 22 people including four Indians missing, fear of accident

Nepal Tara Air: Plane carrying 22 people including four Indians missing, fear of accident

Contact with a Tara Air plane in Nepal has been lost. The plane took off on Sunday morning. According to airport officials, Tara Air's double-engine aircraft took off from Pokhara to Jomsom this morning. The last contact with the plane was made at 9.55 am. Officials said that the plane was only on a 15-minute flight and has 22 passengers on board. Let us tell you that Tara Air Company mainly flies Twin Otter aircraft manufactured in Canada.

4 Indians and 3 Japanese nationals aboard

According to local media in Nepal, 4 Indians and 3 Japanese nationals are also on board the missing plane. All the rest were Nepalese nationals and the plane had a total of 22 passengers including the crew. According to the media, officials are constantly trying to establish contact.

Let us tell you that Jomsom is a popular route for foreign climbers who go trekking in the mountainous areas. A large number of Indian and Nepalese pilgrims visit the revered Muktinath temple here.

Army helicopter engaged in the search operation

Nepali Army spokesman Narayan Silwal said that a Mi-17 helicopter of the Nepalese Army has recently left for Layte, Mustang. At the same time, according to Nepal's Home Ministry spokesperson Fadindra Mani Pokharel, the ministry has also deployed two private helicopters from Mustang and Pokhara to search for the missing aircraft.

Contact lost after reaching Mount Dhaulagiri

Chief District Officer there Netra Prasad Sharma told ANI that the plane was spotted over the skies of Jomsom in Mustang district and then diverted towards Mount Dhaulagiri. He said that since then it has not come in contact.

The plane crashed in 2016

Let us tell you that in the year 2016, a plane of Tara crashed after going missing. According to the information, the Tara plane carrying 23 missing passengers had crashed in the mountainous area of ​​northern Nepal. All the passengers were killed in this accident. The total flight time was 19 minutes, but the plane lost contact eight minutes after takeoff.

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Indian-origin man shot dead in a parked car in New York

Indian-origin man shot dead in a parked car in New York

A Sikh community man has been shot dead in New York, USA. According to media reports, 31-year-old Satnam Singh of Indian origin was sitting in a parked car in the South Ozone Park section of Queens. Then a man with a gun came to him and opened fire on Satnam Singh. In this firing, he was shot in the head, due to which he died. The New York Police Department told the media that the gunman who killed Satnam Singh had reached them on foot. Along with this, he told that this entire incident has been captured on a nearby CCTV camera. We have received that CCTV footage and we are probing the incident.

Simultaneously, New York Police said that according to CCTV footage, the gunman who attacked the attack did not know who was sitting in the car. We are trying to find out whether the attacker had come to kill the owner of the car.

There have been attacks on Sikhs in America before
According to media reports, a Sikh person has been attacked in America even before this. Earlier in April, a Sikh man was attacked in the Richmond Hills area of ​​New York, USA. At the same time, 10 days ago also an elderly Sikh was attacked in the same area.

condemn the incident
The Consulate General of India in New York has lodged a complaint condemning the incident. Let us tell you that earlier Jennifer Rajkumar, the first Punjabi American woman elected to the New York State Office, had said that violence against the Sikh community has increased in the last few years.

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