New affair against India: China preparing to build dam on Brahmaputra river

New affair against India: China preparing to build dam on Brahmaputra river

Beijing:  China, which plays a drama to solve issues by negotiating with India in front of the world, is engaged in executing its conspiracy plans. China is now preparing to build an important dam on the Brahmaputra River in Tibet to trap India. According to media reports, this dam built by China on the Brahmaputra River can cause tension for India. 

According to the Asia Times report, China is working on a plan to build a dam on the Yarlung Jungbo River (Brahmaputra), the world's highest river, due to which it is at risk of war with India in the future. The Yarlung Jungbo River becomes Brahmaputra River as it enters India through Tibet. Bangladesh, a country with cordial relations with China, has also opposed the dam on the Yarlung Jungbo River (Brahmaputra). According to the Asia Times, Bertil Linter in Opinion Peace wrote that there is a lack of accurate technical details about the mega-dam on the Yarlung Zangbo River, but regional media reports indicate that it is largely due to the Three Gorge Dam on the Yangsi River Will make it smaller.

Both the Brahmaputra and its glaciers in the Ganges come from China. China has an advantageous position in the upstream area and as such it can build infrastructure to deliberately prevent water flow. China's dam-building and water division plans along the Brahmaputra may increase tensions between the two neighbors. This plan of China can prove to be tense for not only India but other countries of South-East Asia.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Sri Lanka - Only Kashmir dispute with India can be resolved by negotiation

Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Sri Lanka - Only Kashmir dispute with India can be resolved by negotiation

Pakistan-India Can Resolve Kashmir Issue Through Dialogue: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently on a two-day Sri Lanka Visit. He said here on Wednesday that Pakistan has only Kashmir's 'dispute' with India and it can be resolved through dialogue. Addressing the Sri Lanka-Pakistan trade and investment conference, Khan said that he had offered India to hold peace talks when he was elected Prime Minister in 2018 but nothing happened.

Khan co-chaired the conference with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. He said, "Our dispute is only with Kashmir and it can be resolved through dialogue." Earlier this month, India said that it wanted to normalize relations with Pakistan in an atmosphere free of terror, violence and instability. Khan said, "As soon as I came to power, I contacted my neighbor India and told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the differences of the two countries can be resolved through dialogue."

'Business relations will reduce poverty'

He said, 'I did not get success but I hope you will understand. Poverty can be eradicated in the subcontinent only by increasing trade relations. India has said that it is Pakistan's responsibility to create an atmosphere free from terror and instability. Khan is the first Head of State to visit Sri Lanka since the COVID-19 Pandemic. He said that good relations between neighboring countries in the region will help in creating a business friendly environment by maintaining political stability, which will ultimately benefit the people.

Meeting with Muslim leaders

Initially, Muslim leaders of Sri Lanka were also allowed to meet Khan after refusal. The main party of Muslims - Sri Lankan Muslim Congress leader Rauf Hakim said that he had a meaningful discussion with Khan. He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Pakistani PM In Sri Lanka) has expressed confidence in the ability of Muslim leaders to create communal harmony in Sri Lanka. Earlier, Imran Khan was about to address the Parliament of Sri Lanka, but the Sri Lankan government canceled his address on this occasion. The Sri Lankan government was afraid that Imran Khan would not raise the issue of Kashmir in his Parliament and that his relations with India could be affected.

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