Nikki Haley blasts Trump for making fun of her husband’s military service, saying, “You don’t deserve.” Biden also joins in

After former President Donald Trump questioned the whereabouts of her husband, who is now on an active military deployment, former Florida governor Nikki Haley retaliated. nikki haley blasts trump for making fun of her husbands military service saying yo

Haley’s husband, Major Michael Haley, is a commissioned officer in the National Guard of South Carolina. He has been providing support in the Horn of Africa since last June while serving with the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Bridge for a year.

“Her hubby is where? Oh, he’s not here. At his speech in South Carolina, Trump jokingly questioned, “He’s away,” as if to imply that their marriage is failing and that’s why he hasn’t followed her on the campaign road.

“Whatever became to her husband? What became to her husband? What is his location? He is no longer there. He was aware. He was aware.

Haley and her husband respond sharply to Trump’s statements Haley, the lone contender challenging Trump in the GOP primary, chastised Trump for his comments made at a different event in Gilbert, South Carolina.

“It’s important to start with the fact that Donald Trump made fun of my husband’s military service during his rally today,” she said.

“I have long advocated for the need of mental competence exams for all individuals over 75. Donald Trump asserts that he could pass such test; maybe he could, but probably not. However, you don’t deserve to be President of the United States, much less a driver’s license, if you disparage the service of a war veteran.

On X (previously Twitter), Haley continued to criticize Trump, saying, “You have no idea that Michael is serving our nation while abroad. It is improper for someone to serve as commander in chief if they consistently disregard the sacrifices made by military families.”

The former UN ambassador had earlier said that she is “so proud” of her husband’s service and even joked about the fact that his deployment happens at “really interesting times.”

Michael Haley responded to Trump in an uncommon way by naming the front-runner of the Republican Party and a few media sites. With the remark, “What’s the difference between humans and animals?,” he posted a meme featuring wolves. The least intelligent animals would never take the helm of the group.

Biden chastises Trump for making fun of Haley’s spouse.
Additionally, US President Joe Biden retaliated against US President Donald Trump for making fun of Haley’s spouse. Trump thinks that American soldiers are “suckers,” according to Biden, who also said that “this guy wouldn’t know service to his country if it slapped him in the face.”

Major Haley is now serving his country overseas, therefore that is the explanation. We’re aware that he believes our soldiers are “suckers,” but Biden said on X that “this guy wouldn’t know service to his country if it slapped him in the face.”

Trump is said to have made disparaging statements about veterans and military members in private by former senior staff members. Former chief of staff John Kelly verified claims that he called dead military members “losers” and “suckers” in private.

Trump has strongly denied the allegation, saying, “I’d be ready to swear on my life that I never said anything like that about our fallen heroes.” Nobody respects them more than they do.”

Given Trump’s tremendous victories and commanding lead in the polls, Haley’s unwillingness to withdraw from the 2024 Republican presidential campaign has sparked a verbal spat between the two top GOP figures.

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