Norway and Finland have as many guns as the US, but the crime rate is very low

Norway and Finland have as many guns as the US, but the crime rate is very low

(Peter Squires, Professor of Criminology and Public Policy, University of Brighton) Brighton. The recent incident of shooting that killed 21 people at a school in Texas, USA, makes one think about why the US has such a high rate of gun-killing students compared to other countries.

The Children's Defense Fund, a US-based independent non-profit organization, has claimed that gun violence is the leading cause of death for children in America. According to him, on an average nine children are killed in shooting incidents in America every day. That is, on average, every two hours and 36 minutes in the country, a child dies from a gun. The US ranks at the top of the high-income countries.

According to a recent analysis published by the 'New England Journal of Medicine, the number of children killed by guns in the US is 36.5 times higher than in many other high-income countries such as Austria, Australia, Sweden, England, and Wales. Some international research in recent years has also proven that high rates of gun ownership are closely related to incidents of gun violence on a large scale.

An analysis by The Center for American Progress of All 50 US States, a Democratic-leaning policy-making and research organization, found a strong correlation between the states with the strictest gun laws and those with the highest rates of gun violence. Meanwhile, international researchers have conducted a comparative study of national gun laws, rates of gun ownership, and cases of gun violence.

Interestingly, European countries such as Norway and Finland have almost the same number of people with guns per 100 people as the US, but they are among the safest societies in the world in terms of gun violence. Researchers have found that high levels of social cohesion, low crime rates, and widespread trust in the police and social institutions are effective in reducing incidents of shootings. However, the flip side of this research is that countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland have significantly higher rates of gun suicide.

The UK and Japan, which are among the countries with the world's strictest gun laws, have fewer incidents of shootings because there is a ban on gun possession. Impact on Society Internationally, research on gun control has led to the focus on many other topics as well.

Until recently, academic research on gun violence was conducted in the US alone and a large part of it was directly or indirectly funded by the influential lobbying group 'National Rifle Organisation'.

Researchers began to understand the different scenarios and circumstances of gun ownership rather than its use. They also began to recognize the notion of criminologists, under which it is believed that new laws do not prove to be very effective in crime prevention, because criminals do not obey the law. Gun researchers are now focusing on broader 'gun control systems', which have a large role to play in increasing or decreasing the level of gun violence.

These systems include police and criminal justice systems, systems of political accountability, welfare safety nets, holistic education provision, and developing a culture of trust.

Efforts have been made in the US in recent years to reduce gun violence in places, including schools and colleges, without regulating gun ownership. However, there is ample evidence that a higher number of people with guns in a country certainly leads to higher rates of gun violence.

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Indian-origin man shot dead in a parked car in New York

Indian-origin man shot dead in a parked car in New York

A Sikh community man has been shot dead in New York, USA. According to media reports, 31-year-old Satnam Singh of Indian origin was sitting in a parked car in the South Ozone Park section of Queens. Then a man with a gun came to him and opened fire on Satnam Singh. In this firing, he was shot in the head, due to which he died. The New York Police Department told the media that the gunman who killed Satnam Singh had reached them on foot. Along with this, he told that this entire incident has been captured on a nearby CCTV camera. We have received that CCTV footage and we are probing the incident.

Simultaneously, New York Police said that according to CCTV footage, the gunman who attacked the attack did not know who was sitting in the car. We are trying to find out whether the attacker had come to kill the owner of the car.

There have been attacks on Sikhs in America before
According to media reports, a Sikh person has been attacked in America even before this. Earlier in April, a Sikh man was attacked in the Richmond Hills area of ​​New York, USA. At the same time, 10 days ago also an elderly Sikh was attacked in the same area.

condemn the incident
The Consulate General of India in New York has lodged a complaint condemning the incident. Let us tell you that earlier Jennifer Rajkumar, the first Punjabi American woman elected to the New York State Office, had said that violence against the Sikh community has increased in the last few years.

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