Now rapists will be punished in Pakistan, Imran government approved this law

Now rapists will be punished in Pakistan, Imran government approved this law

Islamabad Pakistan 's cabinet on Friday approved two anti-rape ordinances, which have approved the formation of special courts to chemically castrate rapists and hear rape cases with the consent of the guilty. This information came from a media report. Chemical castration or chemical castration is a chemical process that can reduce or eliminate sexual stimulation in a person's body for a certain period of time or forever.

The Anti-Rape (Investigation and Hearing) Ordinance 2020 and Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 were approved in a Cabinet Committee Meeting on Law Affairs chaired by Federal Law Minister Farooq Naseem on Thursday, Dawn News reported. The ordinances were approved in principle by the cabinet. For the first time offenders or repeat offenders, chemical castration will be treated as a rehabilitation measure and the culprit's consent will be obtained. According to Law Minister Naseem, it is mandatory under international law to seek the consent of a convict before being castrated. He said that if the order of chemical castration is given without obtaining consent, the convict can challenge the order before the court.

The minister said that if a convict does not agree to castration, he will be taken action as per the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) under which the court can sentence him to death, life imprisonment or a jail term of 25 years. He said that the verdict of the sentence depends on the court. Judges can order chemical castration or punishment under PPC. Naseem said that the court can order castration for a limited period or lifetime. The ordinances also provide for the formation of special courts to conduct hearings in cases of rape. Special prosecutors will also be appointed for special courts. According to the proposed laws, anti-rape cells will be constituted under the chairmanship of a commissioner or deputy commissioner so that the FIR, Early registration of medical examination and forensic examination can be ensured. In this, the cross-examination of the rape victim by the accused has also been banned. Only the judge and the lawyer of the accused will be able to cross-examine the victim.

No need to be afraid of Corona's new strain, PM accused of spreading fear, cases reduced in Britain

No need to be afraid of Corona's new strain, PM accused of spreading fear, cases reduced in Britain

In Britain, there is an atmosphere of fear among people due to the new form of Coronavirus. It has been told about the new strain that it is more deadly than the old form of the virus. However, now experts have rejected the British government's claim that the virus is more dangerous and said that in recent times there have been fewer cases of infection in Britain. In fact, daily corona cases in Britain have fallen by 18 per cent in a week.

On Saturday, 33,552 people were infected with Corona in Britain, which is 10,000 less than the cases reported last Saturday. Last Saturday, 41,346 people were infected with the virus. Thus, a total of 36,17,459 people have been infected with the coronavirus since the onset of the epidemic in Britain. According to official figures, 1,348 people died due to infection in Britain on Saturday. However, the number of dead this Saturday increased by 4.1 per cent as compared to last Saturday. Last Saturday, 1,295 people died.

Accused of intimidating PM Boris

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Kent Coronavirus strain is 30 per cent more dangerous than the old Kovid-19 strain. The new strain of the virus is responsible for most of the corona cases reported in Britain last month. However, PM Johnson was accused of intimidation, as he did not present any concrete evidence to prove his point.

Chances of virus being less likely

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency, the body of scientists advising the government during the pandemic, thinks the new variant of the virus is 50-50 likely to be more deadly. Experts say that the new variant of the virus is 30 percent more deadly, the evidence for this is very less. At the same time, it has accused the government that it is creating fear about the virus. Significantly, after the introduction of new variants of the virus, many countries have closed their passenger routes with Britain.

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